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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Little Pear In China

1. Ok, I admit that I wasn't really excited before going to China but I got excited once I stepped on China land. I felt like, wow, I AM A TOURIST NOW. And I felt like I had leveled up. That's weird and funny I know. Haha!

2. Yes, the stuffs over there were really si beh cheap lar!! One shirt can cost only RMB3 = RM1.5!! CAN YOU IMAGINE?? And I guess it should be the tactic of each stores to put on banner saying that they are going to stop their business so there are BIG SALES and bla bla bla. Why tactic? Coz it's written there LAST 3 DAYS but the same banner was there on the next few days I passed by. Btw, the stuffs were really cheap!!

3. No transportation at all except metro. Well, of course there is a lot of taxi, bus, cars and even tricycles on the road but you have to pay bah!! What to do? We can only use our legs to walk!! No matter where we went we walked. Thank GOD for the invention of metro. Or I'm gonna bankrupt or I'm gonna walk till death. XD

4. Haih, the pity me. WHY? Because I'm the miss Popeye. When we went for shopping, I was the one carrying everything. Yes, I mean EVERYTHING. The newly bought stuffs, water and etc. Then, from Guangzhou to Shenzhen and also from Shenzhen back to Guangzhou, I carried the very heavy luggage rushing here and there. They walked so fast. T^T

P/S: I know there's a mistake in Picture 2 but I'm lazy to edit already. Open one eye and close one eye ok!

In short, it's still a nice trip for me and I am looking forward for my next trip. Philippine, Hong Kong or Taiwan? *winks*


  1. Hong Kong!! Lol. One piece RM1.50. damn cheap la wei..

  2. Honestly I can go Hong Kong last time de but we all forgot to apply multiple VISA so cannot go. So sad moh! All three countries got the chance coz got frens are going there soon. Might follow lor. Who knows. XD

  3. Lucky that u get to travel~~~ & to more places too?^^
    the stuff seems super cheap... going to show us what u got? ^^

    following <3 plz follow back ^^

    xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo
    *hosting giveaway*

  4. Nana, see first. If really go, Philippine should be the first. LoLx
    HitomiNeko, yup, the stuff is really damn cheap! Too sad I distributed all the things I bought to my family and friends before I take a photo of them. I'll try. XD

  5. this is so cute!

    yeah, and China goods are pretty cheap-

    I have friends who bring those back, and sell to my other friends for RM5. LOL... more than 100% profit there!

  6. Haha! Yeah, definitely more than 100% profit! Too bad that I din bring back too many stuffs. Quite regret now. XD

  7. 梨子真的很可爱~! ☺


  8. 少了一个"让"字...
    哈哈哈,语病啦! XD

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