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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Meet Little Isabelle!

Last Sunday, I came back to Kuching again for my final. >.<

At night, I went to my sis-in-law's mother's house for dinner. They had just bought a LESTER brand piano and let's see what had happened then.
See! Cute Isabelle just can't help herself to play the piano. Wow~ See how serious she was!
Okay okay. She was showing me what note she was playing. Just a joke. =P
The little boy is Kai Wen. His expression was just too innocent...
Aha! So cute! >.<>

So, meet my cute niece - Isabelle Tie Yi Xuan!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Herbalove MilkShake

Since last thursday I came back to Sibu, my dad had already told me about the Herbalove MilkShake. At first, I didn't know it's a product from Herbalife. Since my dad was so passionate to bring me to taste it, I followed him the next day. The branch is located at Foochow Lane. =)
This is the tea to remove excess oil? Or fat? I wonder. =P
P/S: That's my dad's hand. LoLz.
This is the Strawberry flavour MilkShake.

Honestly I don't really like its taste. It makes me feel like to vomit everytime I drink it. No offend, just my own feeling. A glass of this costs RM8! Oh my GOD!! LoLz. But at least I'd followed him to drink this for three continuous days which means that I'd woke up at around seven something for three days or even earlier! LoLz. My dad is just too passionate on this that I find it hard to refuse him.
Besides drinking this, I'd also checked my body condition. I am currently 21 and my body age is only 18! What a surprise. I'd checked this earlier with Sharon's machine and my body age is 25. Which should I believe then? Well, I guess I'll believe Sharon's one. However my viceral fat is still a pretty number. From Herbalove, it is 3. From TRA, it is 2. Wuahahaha! Proud of it! ^^
No matter what brands they are, no matter what products they have, I believe that their missions are the same. That is to improve our health. To know more about this Herbalove, you can go to their blog --> Although I prefer TRA, you can still gain more knowledge from different products and finally, with full confidence, I'm sure that you will know that TRA is the BEST. ^^

Monday, April 6, 2009

Sing Yu's Birthday! (06/04/09)

Today is Sing Yu's 21st birthday! Last thursday, we already 'booked' a cake from Taka at BDC and Rebekah was going to take the cake. Although she promised to be back at 6pm but she only showed up at seven something. We celebrated at WTC and we had to slow down everything to wait for her and at the same time not to let Sing Yu realize our plan! =P Jacq and I even ordered White Lady after our dinner. LoLz. It was raining at five something but luckily it stopped at last.
A picture of Sing Yu with the cake. I'm sorry that I didn't take any nicer picture for her. She's actually not looking at me when I took this photo. =P
Oops.. Who order Philippines pig leg?? (The red arrow) =D
Jacqueline claimed that it should be pork leg instead of pig leg...
Jacq & Karen~ My buddy~
Big head Karen & cute Hui Lin~
Hui Lin, Karen, Mary & her bf~
Karen & Sing Yu~ Ngok Karen appears in almost every photos... Even satisfy with only show up her pig leg. Wuahahahaha~
The cake was big enough for ten of us. Or more than enough? Because everyone of us ate until we refused to eat anymore and Sing Yu had to 'dump' the cake on our plates with force. But not me! Aha! I only ate one piece and most of them became the victims to eat two pieces. Left two pieces were taken back and I wondered is Karen the victim again? Well, I enjoyed a lot with them. Especially Karen Lau. She's damn funny and I just can't stop laughing when she's around. A very comfortable friend to be with. Finally, HAPPY BIRTHDAY SING YU!! ^^

Sunday, April 5, 2009

【马六甲】Part 4: 博物馆 / 娘惹Cendol

Today we were free. So we’d decided to take a look around the Malacca city. We went to the museum. Entrance ticket RM5 each.
Do you know that the background of this picture is drawn but the farmer is the 3D model??
Stupid bro with stupid actions. =P
Then, we had Hainan Chicken Rice Ball as our brunch. I’d forgotten to take a photo. =P After lunch, we went to Jonker Street.
My cute bro and sis-in-law.
Nyonya Cendol. It’s delicious!! RM3.00 each. I miss itso much now!!

At around 2.00p.m we took bus to KLIA. We had out dinner there. Burger King. Wow!!
Going back to Kuching~
Well, it was indeed a really memorable trip for me. It was the first time I went to Malacca!! Sponsored by my generous brother. LoLz!

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【马六甲】Part 3: 第二天Nu Skin会议 / THE JETTY

I’d set my alarm to ring at 6a.m but I wondered why it didn’t ring. I only wake up at almost 7a.m and I found out they had not wake up yet. I quickly dressed up myself and wake my bro and sis-in-law up. After that, we went to the same fish ball shop again. This time, I ordered Foo Chow Lo-Mee again. So nice!!
Today, we had lessons, activities, lunch, recognition and sharing. I didn’t take many photos because I was lazy to do so. =P However, what I want to say is that the game is exciting, the talks are impressive and the speakers are fantastic!! I’ve started to love this culture and business!! Success Together, Together We Suceed!!
After the seminar had ended, the other partners had a meeting. Catherine, Hui Jee and I were not the members yet so we couldn’t go for the meeting. We’d decided to go shopping at the Mahkota Parade. Too bad I forgot to take some money from brother, and I bought nothing. =P
We came back to the Century Mahkota Hotel and found this. Haha!! Don’t tell him I’ve posted this. =P
We had our dinner here.
I’d ordered the Bali Fried Rice -- RM6.90! Not really expensive right?? And It tastes good.
We went back earlier tonight with no supper because we need to have a good sleep for tomorrow programmes. Haha!

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【马六甲】Part 2: 鸡饭粒 / 第一天Nu Skin会议

It was the first day for the seminar. We’d gathered at the lobby of the hotel to have the breakfast together.
The round-shaped objects are CHICKEN RICE!! Very special right? It was the first time I ate such shaped rice. And the black coloured soup = black soya bean soup. Well, I don’t like it much.
Finally, we’d reached the Century Mahkota Hotel for our seminar. It is a very high-classed hotel for me. There were a lot of people there waiting for the seminar to start.

The view of Century Mahkota Hotel.
Finally, we’d get into the grand hall where our seminar would be held after the car parade session. Too bad I didn’t take any photos for the car parade.
Well, this was a very special ice-breaking game.
Group photo taken after the noon session. We had almost 1000 people in this seminar! A very huge number! Can you see me?? Can you?? Can you?? Of course you can't. Because I'm the one who take this photo. Haha! =)
Dinner provided. So delicious!!
Our partners were practicing their performance. Bro Vincent was giving a love-shaped flower to Sharon. Hmm.. Why do I feel funny there?? Haha!
Too bad I didn’t take any photo for our group because I was helping Sharon to take photo using her digital camera. No hands for my own.
Night time, we had BD/TE Recognition, MCA Recognition and Dream Night. I was first met with all those Blue Diamond, US1 Million Dollar Circle Members but Lilian Ong (MCA) gave me a very impressive talk. She’s only 33 years old and she is a MCA!! A millionaire!! @.@Candle lighting session. It was touching and I’d tried very hard to stop my tears from falling down! =)
Our seminar ended at almost 12 in the midnight. Everyone was exhausted but yet we still decided to take a supper before we slept. Lolz! =P We went to the fish ball shop as it opens 24 hours. This time I didn’t order Lo-Mee but I tried its fish ball and kuay tiaw. Well, I don’t like it much too. Bad choice.
We reached our apartment at around 2a.m.. After taking a bath, I just can’t wait to lie on the bed and sleep!! LoLz..

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Saturday, April 4, 2009

【马六甲】Part 1: 永平纯正西刀鱼 / 福州滷面 / St. Paul Mountain / Secret Recipe

The flight was at 8.20a.m. I’d wake up at six something in the morning to get everything ready. When we’d reached KLIA, we waited for other partners who arrived one hour later than us. Then we went to Malacca by three rental vans.
This was the view from the balcony. Our apartment is on the 18th floor of the Globallon Hotel. You can see the sea~ and feel the wind~
After getting everything settled, we went for our lunch. We were not familiar of this place but we simply walked around to look for food. We've chonse to have out lunch here -- 永平纯正西刀鱼丸店!
This was what I’d ordered. Foo Chow Lo-Mee -- RM4. The soup is viscous but tasted fantastic!
Then, we went for a walk. Actually we were heading to the church but then we went to a new Carrefour at Malacca. It’s huge. And I’d bought some souvenirs from the Daiso shop. Every items cost RM5 and all are imported from Japan. We’d spent a lot of time there. We asked the local resident how to go to the church. Then we headed for the church.
Finally, we’d reached the St. Paul Mountain.

Aha! Finally I’d taken a photo of THE buttocks!! =P
These two guys are amazing! They can sing whatever songs of different languages. When they see japanese coming close, they'll sing the japanese song as well!!
This is the wishing will. I wish I could pick all the money down there. =P
There are a lot of bicycles like this in Malacca. You can see them aligning along the road.
Finally, it was dinner time! We went to the Secret Recipe for our dinner.
I’d ordered Sphagetti Chicken Bolognaise -- RM12.90.

After that, we went back to hotel. We were all exhausted and I slept right after taking a bath. Around eight something I guess. I seldom slept so early. All the other members went to practice for their performance on the other day.

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Welcome to my new blog!

Finally I have my own new blog!
The old one will be discarded.
I've spent whole night editing all these things.
The blog clock, calendar and pictures...
Though I'm supposed to do my revision on chemistry...
Never mind, leave it for tomorrow!
So friends out there, do visit me always! =)