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Monday, January 31, 2011

In Love With Papercraft: Ceiling Cat VS Doraemon VS Cubic Cow

As I promised, this is another post sharing papercrafts I've built today!
Ceiling Cat VS Doraemon VS Cubic Cow
My first attempt was the ceiling cat.
It looks nice on the template but who knows..
I'm quite disappointed with it.. =(

Grr.. Ugly ceiling cat..
Even Pick Zhi and Lim said that it isn't nice at all..
My second attempt was Doraemon!!
It looks easier but still I've spent a lot of time on it!

The front, side and back view of the Doraemon!
Too bad its hand doesn't match! =(
Don't ask me why there is a hole on its head!
I'm wondering about its function too!!
Pick Zhi said maybe it's for pen or pencils
but Joyful said that might smash the papercrafts!!
My third attempt was a cubic cow!

The front, side and back view of the cubic cow!
This is relatively easy and it was gifted to Pick Zhi as her birthday present..
Actually it is requested by her as well! LoLz..
Although it's 3-day late but still..
Happy Birthday Pick Zhi!! LoLz..
Well, still I wanna say: STAY TUNE
coz there will be a lot more coming soon!! =D

P/S: Anyone knows how to control the spacing between lines coz it's not balanced at all...!! ><

Sunday, January 30, 2011

In Love With Papercraft: Mariobunny VS Kotoro

Mariobunny VS Kotoro
I'd downloaded some papercraft templates last night.
And I've tried two of them today!
I've chosen those without a lot of colors to save the printer ink! =P
If you wish to have the templates too, simply go to google,
choose image and search for mariobunny or kotoro! =)
If you are interested you can ask from me personally too!
You'd need a printer with color ink, a paper, glue, scissors and etc..
The paper is slightly thicker than the ordinary A4 paper..
The one I bought is the common paper that we used as project cover page!
And the glue is the cheap one, cost me RM1.30 only!!
It works surprisingly well! =D
After you'd printed it, just cut everything according to the line!

Glue and combine them then you will get this!! A mariobunny! =D
This is quite an easy one so I decided to try another which is more challenging!!
The Kotoro papercraft template!
All the components needed for a Kotoro papercraft!
The process of producing the big cute head is sooo time-consuming!!
And it's hard to maintain the smooth surface!!
If you press a little bit harder then it will easily run out of shape!

Front, side and back view of the Kotoro!
Haha, it looks a little bit 'kasar' but I'm quite satisfied with it!
And I wonder why its hands are longer than its legs??
Don't tell me I pasted them wrongly
coz there is instruction and I did it correctly!
It's the first time for me to build the papercrafts and I really enjoy it!
There are a few more coming up so stay tune! =)

Friday, January 28, 2011

Color Changing Mug!

New stocks had arrived when I was at Joyful's shop!
I happily unpacked everything and found a very special thing
which is the color changing mug!
The mugs all with sexy girl and man on top!
There are various choices as well!!
Although the hair (cover) is somehow disgusting..
Hahaha.. =P
When you pour hot water into it the dress becomes transparent!!
I've asked someone to try on it and surprisingly it really works!!
Quite special huh!! A special gift for the special one!
If you're interested pls contact me or
visit us as E Love House @ Medan Mall, Sibu Sarawak Malaysia! =)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The LadyBoysS!

When people heard about ladyboy or shemale,
Most of us will think of Thailand!
No doubt, Thailand is productive enough in this aspect.
Btw, there are many other gorgeous ladyboys from other countries.
Let's talk about our country which is Malaysia.
Who will you think of??
Yes! Jessie Chung!!
钟洁希-Jessie Chung (Malaysia)
I think she's famous enough in Malaysia.
You can see her advertisement everywhere..
Even in the mall or on TV!!
Treechada "Nong Poy" (Thailand)
Born October 5, 1986. One of the most famous ladyboy from Thailand!
Poy won the Miss Tiffany's 2004 and Miss International Queen 2004.
She looks absolutely like a real woman and she's prettier than a real woman!!
刘薰爱-Alicia (Taiwan)
Born June 12, 1986. A model fom EeLin Modelling Company.
I've watched her on KangXi LaiLe before
and I thought she's a real pretty female model but who knows..
I'm sooo surprised that she's a ladyboy~!

河莉秀-Harisu (Korea)
Born February 17, 1975. Another famous ladyboy from Korea!
She's quite pretty in some pics but..
Not my cup of tea.. =X
樁姬彩菜-Ayana Tsubaki (Japan)
Born July 15, 1984. A pretty japanese model,
who underwent sex reassignment surgery and Phuket, Thailand.
Never know her before but I'm surprise with her beauty!

Those are the only famous ladyboys I could find.
I tried to search for ladyboys from other countries such as India, China, Hong Kong and etc but I failed to obtain a pretty one... =(
Anyone has any suggestions??
Grr.. What happen to me har??
How come suddenly got the idea to write about ladyboys??
Maybe next time I'll write about tomboys.. Who knws!! =P
Err.. What should I say about this post..??
Just.. Enjoy it. Hahaha.. =X

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Cute Animal Babies!!

I'm so into cute little thingy recently!!
And it includes cute little babies!!
A baby hedgehog!! I always want one of these!!
The little hedgehog is just toooo cute!!
Btw, it's expensive too!! Last time I saw one costs RM300!
Cannot afford lah! =(
Anyone wanna sponsor??
A baby fox!! It's really too charming!!
Ahh.. It's just too cute that I really wanna hug it!
No wonder chinese ppl use the word 'fox' to describe the third party..
A baby polar bear!!
It's always a cute big creature!
So, let's save the earth to give them a better environment to live on!
A baby leopard!!
Haha! It's like a cat!!
Look at its big round eyes.. so innoncent!!
Too bad it's dangerous to have one as pet..
Yoohoo!! 3 piglets!! Not 3 idiots!! Haha..
I never know that baby pig can be so cute!!
Well, fortunately I'm not so into pork. =P
Cute panda cub!!
Another almost-extincted species..
Please, save the earth..
Don't let them disappear on this earth!
Baby otter!!
It's having a sweet dream! =)
A baby panther!!!
This is just toooooooooooo cute!!!
Can I have one as pet??
It doesn't matter it's not in pink..
Please... ^_*
Tiger cub!
Although they are still young in this picture,
They show their awfulness..
A baby wolf!!
What should I say??
Err.. just like an ordinary dog..
Haha.. But it's cute!!
A baby giraffe!!
What a funny expression it has!! LoLz..
Baby hamsters!!
Woo~ I used to have so many hamsters!
Too bad they never give birth..
And now they are all in heaven already.. =X
Baby sugar gliders!!
Haha! This is cute too!
Erm, a question. Does it bite??
Babies are pure and innoncent.
Let's make a pray whenever wherever there is a new born baby..
Bless the Animals...
and especially every animal child that has just been born and hatched.
Make its instincts for survival tough and clear and show it what it must do to adapt to all of the new experiences that lie in its future.
Bless this baby with a loving mother and a friendly environment in which to grow.
Thank you for seeing to the safety and well being of every new born, today and every day.
Thank You, God,

Monday, January 24, 2011

Cell Group's Steamboat Night!

We had a simple steamboat as dinner at Joan's apartment just now.
This was the first dinner gathering among the cell group members on this semester!
Around 5.20pm we went out to Unaco to buy ingredients.
Then, around 6.15pm we started to clean the ingredients and plates!
Pretty Mei Chee was showing you the 'kuali' we used!
Hua Sien and Joan were busy unfreezing the ingredients!
Pretty Lung Hei was busy unfreezing the mushroom!
I hope I din type her name wrongly. =X
There are 10 members in this cell group but only 8 managed to show up~
Angel came late and Huey Chyi was busy for her lab work!
Ta da~ All the ingredients we had! Costed us RM37.05 only!
There were hot dog, fish, fish balls, crab meats, mushrooms, vege and etc...
Tada!! Those food were ready to be eaten!!
What? You ask me where was the vege??

They were all here!!
This was the first time fo me to have steamboat in college!
Of course, it is illegal!
So shh... Keep you mouth shut! =P