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Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Secret Sanctuary Boutique Cottage

Wonder where was I with such beautiful and relaxing environment? The answer is revealed on the title!

The Secret Sanctuary Boutique Cottage
133, Lorong Setia Raja 12,
Taman Stutong Indah
93350 Kuching, Sarawak.

Went to Kuching last Thursday and you can click here to know more about my journey in Kuching excluding my convo part. I'm not ready for it yet. =)

Special thanks to my buddies -- Joan Tang, Nana Kiu and Mr. Potato who planned my schedule and brought me wandering around the Kuching town. 

It was our first time visiting The Secret Sanctuary and all of us was soooo shocked with the stunning scenes!

The main entrance. It looked sooo natural and original with those wooden wall and paper lamp!

This was where we walked in.

And with just a switch...

It turned out to be a waterfall! Amazing not!?

A photo of me with my dear Joan with the main entrance! With waterfall of course!

Don't ask me what were we doing because I have no idea too. LOL

We had been wandering around the Kuching for the whole day on that day so we were all too exhausted to have good appetite. Therefore, we only ordered two plates and shared! =)

It was nice but a little bit too spicy for me. Since I have sensitive lips and to avoid them from becoming swollen, I only tasted a little bit. LOL

This is nice!! But too cheesy for me. Or I'm being too choosy!? LOL

After having dinner, we started to wander around the place. LOL

The waterfall! You can swim too!

And that's where my first pic on this post was taken!

My dear was there too! =D

Shh.. Taken with stealth mode. LOL

Met this cute doggy! It acted soo steady like it's the boss! No hiu ppl at all! LOL

The toilet. LOL

How do you feel with the notice? Excited? I am. XD

The bamboo~

Alcoholic beverages~

The Kitchen~

The back door!? I don't know. Haha

The tranquility of the place will definitely relaxes your body and soul!

Saw this cottage but I dare not go up.

Nana went upstairs and she told me it might be the boss's room!?

This should be the place for fish spa. (Just a wild guess)

Is this the open air hot tub!? Feel like to enjoy it but... I can't. LOL

Mr. Fam, your eyebrows look like one line eh!? LOL

Yes, that's so true!

So if you are seeking for any nice place to relax and yet you don't have time or even money for a vacation, why not consider paying a visit to Secret Sanctuary Boutique Cottage? You will never regret! =D

Their facilities include: WiFi, BBQ, Pool, Gym, Jacuzzi, Fish Spa, Wet Sauna, Infra-Red Sauna, Waterfall Pool, Garden Shower, Open Air Hot Tub, Fully Air-Conditioned, Gastrolounge, Wonderful Western/Local Food, Tours Oganized and etc. 

If you seek for any special packages, they are ready for: Corporate events, Birthday parties, Wedding dinners and etc.

Regarding the food, they serve: Western, Italian, Chinese, Malay, Jungle Cuisine! 

Simply go to their web here to know more about them.

SMS (Cyril) +60198888986

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Kuching Trip

Finally I'm back to my hometown again! Here I come to blog about my trip to Kuching last few days. However, I'll exclude my convo part because I haven't got all photos yet.

Went to Kuching on last Thursday morning. My brother picked me up and we went for breakfast!

Very weird right? Normally I won't order mee sua. But I wasn't really hungry so I simply followed my brother's order. LOL

Then, I went back home and do nothing. I SLEPT UNTIL EVENING TIME. XD

Actually, I woke up by Isabelle. LOL

She closed her eyes so I asked her to open her eyes WIDE WIDE.

Then she showed this face to me. Hahaha!

A normal photo of Isabelle and me. =)

Then she started to show her legs. =.=

A nice photo of cutie Isabelle! =)

Night time, I went out with friends. We had our dinner at Causeway Bay Hong Kong Restaurant. =)

This was the dish mixed with the leftover. LOL

Nana offered me to sleep at her place. Since I had to attend the rehearsal for convo on the next morning, I accepted her offer.

You all see little Peary not? That's my gift from Nana. Although it's not made by her (I heard it's made by Ya Wen), still I would like to say THANK YOU VERY MUCH to Nana who acc me most of the time! =)

If you wonder what's that then you should read this post carefully. I'll introduce more about it later. 

Next morning, I went in campus for rehearsal.

We had our convocation at this new hall! So proud and honor to be the first batch of graduates to have our convo at such pretty new hall! ^^

Then, I went back to Nana's house again and stayed there until evening time.

That stupid Nana never treat me as a guest. She asked me to mop the floor for her and even cooked her lunch!! Aduh!! Bad Na Na! LOL

I even prepared the soup for her! Although she din really taste it coz she doesn't like it. LOL

We played Pyssla to spend our time! =D

Yeah~ That's how it's made!!

Tada! I made a tortoise! =D
However, I couldn't find it now. =.=

Around 7pm, we went out to town again for dinner and also tea time. It's really great to spend time chit-chatting with friends, with nice environment! Wonder when can I meet them again. LOL

Guess I'm gonna end this post here. Coz I got something important right now. STAY TUNED for following posts!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I'm Not A Pure Chinese.

Look at me seriously and tell me.
What race do you think I am?

It's not the first time that some strangers come and speak Malay to me. I know, I shouldn't be so sensitive but how if that person is a chinese?

And there are so many times that people ask me whether I am a pure chinese or not. And I was like..

KNS, you don't have eyes is it? Obviously I am a chinese right?

And, there are some times people saying that I don't look like a chinese. They said that I might have mixed somewhere. And the most ridiculous thing is that one of my friends said that I look like a mix from Portuguese. And I was like..


And I met the weirdest people yesterday who was so frank to ask whether I'm a Iban or not even though I speak chinese to him. He said, my eyes reveal my race. And I was like..

O.O Walao eh. Like this also can??

Then I went home and asked my mum, do I look like an Iban girl?

Then my mum answered:

Of course you're a chinese, but somehow your grand grandmother was an Iban.

And I was like..

WTF!? =.="

So now, I truly understand why people always speak Malay to me and why people always think I'm not a pure chinese and etc. It is because I am somehow mixed!?

But usually people say mixed children have pretty look. And there're evidences as well. 

Michele Lee (Michele Monique Reis/李嘉欣)
1/4 Portugal

Cecilia Cheung (张柏芝)
1/4 England

Karen Mok (莫文蔚)
1/4 England

Christy Chung (钟丽缇)
China + Vietnam

Maggie Q 
China + Vietnam + Ireland

Isabella Leung (梁洛施)
China + England + Portugal

Josie Ho (何超仪)
China + England

Edell (爱戴)
1/4 Spain

PaceWu (吴佩慈)
1/4 America

Leah Dizon
Philippines + China + France

Rie Miyazawa (宫泽理惠)
Japan + Holland

Namie Amuro (安室奈美惠)
1/4 Italy

Reika Hashimoto
Japan + America

Michelle (郑雪儿)
China + India

Of course, there are many more mixed beautiful gorgeous celebrities and all of them can be evidences to show that mixed children are pretty/handsome.

What I wanna say is that, WHY AM I NOT AS PRETTY AS THEM?? T^T

Perhaps it's because I'm not 'internationally mixed' but 'locally mixed'. What a failure. LOL

Ok, now you know my background. As the title says, 

I'm Not A Pure Chinese.

P/S: I'll stop blogging until next week because I am going to Kuching tomorrow for my convocation! Wait for me to blog about this awesome moment! =)