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Monday, October 10, 2011

Shopping Day!

Taken right after hair cut.

Cut my hair yesterday but I am not really satisfied with it. It got messier than before. >.<

Actually I was looking for the boss to cut but the boss wasn't around. Since I REALLY WANNA have a hair cut so much therefore I allowed others to cut it. Now, I got the aftermath. T^T

This morning, after washing my hair, I tried to set my hairstyle.

Ada beza dengan dulu kah!! No right!! =.="


Well, stop the hair cutting/hair styling topic. 

My shopping day was actually yesterday but not today. XD

Felt like not going for shopping for a long long time so I treated yesterday as my OFF DAY. =)

Let's see what I have bought!! XD

RM99.90 - 15% = RM84.915

I only paid RM50 for it. Thanks to my super generous brother Panjang Tie who paid the rest for me. =)

RM49.90 - 50% = RM24.95

My friend said that I was totally attracted by colorful stuffs yesterday. The bag is bright blue, and now the shoes are bright red! LOL

RM69.90 - 15% = RM59.415

Actually I prefer the design of another pair of shoes which is similar to this one but too bad it doesn't have my size! Hmm! You'll never understand my sorrow of having huge feet size. LOL

Guess that's all for today's update. I'll try to update as many posts as I can before my broadband reaches its limit again! Have a nice day everyone! *winks*


  1. 你可以不要给我穿高跟鞋吗~哼哼哼!!!

  2. 没办法,我脚没你的瘦,只好垫高来显瘦咯!=.=

  3. 我听你吠啊~哈哈~

  4. 你应该对着大便妹对太多。任何人对着她都觉得自卑。她的鸡脚太瘦了!

  5. When there are shoes, there is Mary. :D


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