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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Real Barbie & Super Man!?

This model from Moscow always dreamed of being Barbie. She's spent the last few years getting as close to that goal as possible! And she's now a famous model know by her Barbie look!

The last picture is a Barbie Doll, not real person!

Can you differentiate not? @.@

On the other hand, there's another crazy guy named Herbert Chavez from Philippines who dreamed of being Super Man! He starts doing surgery since 1995 to get him a Super Man look!

LOL Perhaps he should lengthen his height and build some muscles.. 

Who do you wish to be?


  1. spider man :x

    but for me it will be spider woman XD

    i loved her shoes XD in the pic with the boy XD

  2. LoLz.. Mary you really love shoes a lot!!
    I'll be waiting for your spider woman look.


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