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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Happy Birthday To Mum and Lawrence!

Yesterday was my super cute mum's birthday. And today is actually my nephew, Lawrence's birthday. Therefore, we celebrated their birthday together yesterday! =D

We went to Hong Fu (洪福) for dinner. Waited for my family at my shop and then we walked to Hong Fu. My shop is super near to Hong Fu lar. LOL

Can you see the tiny white things in the picture above? Those are actually insects. Those insects love to gather near the source of light therefore they are forced to off the lights.

And we had our dinner in such a dim condition. LOL. So romantic right. Haha!

This is my mum's birthday cake. Why are there two knives? 

Birthday song singing session. LOL

Tada~ They cut the cake together. That's the reason why there are two knives!

Erm, I asked her to stand still to take photo and I wonder why did she show such pose? LOL. That's my sister. CUTE NOT?

And I asked her to show more pose and she is kinda shy so no more pictures of her. LOL

Here's a video showing my super childish brother, Panjang Tie playing yoyo with the kids. LOL

Happy birthday to my mummy,
and also my nephew, Lawrence!!


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