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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I'm Not A Pure Chinese.

Look at me seriously and tell me.
What race do you think I am?

It's not the first time that some strangers come and speak Malay to me. I know, I shouldn't be so sensitive but how if that person is a chinese?

And there are so many times that people ask me whether I am a pure chinese or not. And I was like..

KNS, you don't have eyes is it? Obviously I am a chinese right?

And, there are some times people saying that I don't look like a chinese. They said that I might have mixed somewhere. And the most ridiculous thing is that one of my friends said that I look like a mix from Portuguese. And I was like..


And I met the weirdest people yesterday who was so frank to ask whether I'm a Iban or not even though I speak chinese to him. He said, my eyes reveal my race. And I was like..

O.O Walao eh. Like this also can??

Then I went home and asked my mum, do I look like an Iban girl?

Then my mum answered:

Of course you're a chinese, but somehow your grand grandmother was an Iban.

And I was like..

WTF!? =.="

So now, I truly understand why people always speak Malay to me and why people always think I'm not a pure chinese and etc. It is because I am somehow mixed!?

But usually people say mixed children have pretty look. And there're evidences as well. 

Michele Lee (Michele Monique Reis/李嘉欣)
1/4 Portugal

Cecilia Cheung (张柏芝)
1/4 England

Karen Mok (莫文蔚)
1/4 England

Christy Chung (钟丽缇)
China + Vietnam

Maggie Q 
China + Vietnam + Ireland

Isabella Leung (梁洛施)
China + England + Portugal

Josie Ho (何超仪)
China + England

Edell (爱戴)
1/4 Spain

PaceWu (吴佩慈)
1/4 America

Leah Dizon
Philippines + China + France

Rie Miyazawa (宫泽理惠)
Japan + Holland

Namie Amuro (安室奈美惠)
1/4 Italy

Reika Hashimoto
Japan + America

Michelle (郑雪儿)
China + India

Of course, there are many more mixed beautiful gorgeous celebrities and all of them can be evidences to show that mixed children are pretty/handsome.

What I wanna say is that, WHY AM I NOT AS PRETTY AS THEM?? T^T

Perhaps it's because I'm not 'internationally mixed' but 'locally mixed'. What a failure. LOL

Ok, now you know my background. As the title says, 

I'm Not A Pure Chinese.

P/S: I'll stop blogging until next week because I am going to Kuching tomorrow for my convocation! Wait for me to blog about this awesome moment! =)


  1. U already pretty enough liao lor.. my dear!!
    Appreciate~ Ur mum will sad if hear u say not pretty as those celebrities~ HAHAHAHA!

  2. :) You're pretty, in some sense...

    要不你可以去找外国老公改善基因 :D 会越‘掺’越漂亮的,哈哈。

  3. I think is ok if people misunderstand your race...
    Sometimes people misunderstand me too, thinking that I am Malay or Myanmar and some of them think I am Indian just because I look dark a bit...but I am Chinese...

  4. nothing problem de need care so much about tat d...
    actually hor, they juz wan to 搭讪 u then baru they chat tis topic with u lo...haha~~
    we are in 1 Malaysia country so no care all tis pure or no pure juz be urself Niah...

  5. Dear joan, ha ha my mum understands de lar.
    Ming de zu zhang, I don't have friends oversea lar. You got any nice intro not? Ha ha
    Loo yee, I am not feeling bad about it. Instead I feel kinda proud of being that little bit special. Lol
    Na na, 1 malaysia? Lol. Are you trying to comfort me? I am ok de lar..

  6. U are ugly as a freak!


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