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Thursday, October 13, 2011


Yes. I am bored. Reached shop at 11am and I online until now. The current time is 1.23pm. Haih. How can life be so meaningless? Being locked over here is really a torturing life for me. OMG~

Guess what? I need more freedom. I need extra time to relax. I don't even have a single off day which allows me to sleep and rest at home. I just want my off day to be spent at home, not shopping or etc! Well, I guess that's too much. I DON'T HAVE AN OFF DAY!! T^T

Being busy is a good thing for me. I turns my lifestyle into a healthy one. I sleep at around 12am and wake up at 9am. But the time I have to spend in shop is really.. meaningless. Facing all those dolls, gifts and etc. I lost my motivation!! HMM!!

Oh ya. I wonder what happen to my left part of body. My left leg is so painful for three days already. SHIT! I can't even sit properly. Hey, I am only 23 ok, why do I feel so old? T^T

Well, I ever think of leaving Sibu. Somehow I miss Kuching city. But there are reasons that I can't leave Sibu. The major reason would be my parents. Once my brother's family move out, there'll be only my parents and sister living in that house. How can I leave at this time?

I always believe 船到桥头自自然直, but it has been a long time already, why is the 桥头 too far? I haven't reach yet!! Aduh!! I wait till 'sam pu' already lor. Haih. LOL

Whatever. stop nagging here. Gonna look for other things to do to spend my day.

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