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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!! =)

Ok, I've taken off my previous header picture and put it in my post. You can't blame for my perfunctory action because I'm running out of time to update this post! Christmas is going to end in less than 30 minutes and I couldn't finish updating my Christmas celebration!! I don't even get the photos from my friend yet. 

I just reached Sibu this morning and got quite tired due to the sleepless night before this. 

So... Hmm... I would like to wish everyone... Hmm... Merry Christmas... and I'll update in more details soon. =P

To show my sincerity... I'll show another Christmas picture then. =D

Ta da~~ Which I just grabbed from Google few minutes ago. LOL. 

Merry Christmas everyone!!!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Kuching Trip (02/12-05/12)

Taken in car. Almost reached Kuching at that time. LOL

Arrived at our apartment!!

And it's Jinhold Service Apartment! Located near Jalan Song and I NEVER KNOW ITS EXISTENCE before although I live around that area during my uni time! Haha!


Not bad lar. If you have not too much people travelling with you, basically it's a perfect place for you to stay because it's not expensive. Around 230++ per night and it's an apartment with 2 rooms, 1 living room, 1 kitchen and 1 toilet. And the air-cond is functioning so well!! TOO COLD for me. LOL

Picture taken upward from ground.

Picture taken downward from above. LOL

Not sure why did I show such expression. LOL

Oh ya, cute Isabelle was going out to have fun with us too!! Miss her not??

Kiss me! Kiss me!

She was imitating Angry Birds. You guess it correct or not?? XD

Me: Isabelle, you wanna take photo with the Christmas tree not?
Belle: Yes~~~! (Running towards the tree)
Me: Ok, smile!
Then she showed me such face. Hahaha! Definitely cuter than the model behind. =P

Oh ya, we went to Jong's Crocodile Farm. My second visit!!

Baby crocodiles~ Wonder painful not if they bite? LOL

Tailless crocodile. Born such way or being attacked??

White crocodile. O.O

Nana Kiu! You see! This's you! So dirty and smelly ah!! LOL


Sun bear. Well, not cute at all. Unlike the dolls. LOL

Porcupine! This one is cuter!


This one is the cutest. LOL

Actually their cage is located nearer to the main door than many other animals. When we walked in, the otters were all hugging each other sleeping. When we walked out, they had woke up and one of the otters rushed towards us most probably due to the snack on Isabelle's hand. It was hungry I think. Poor pity little thing. =(

Actually there are many crocodiles in the farm but I didn't take many photos of them.. I recorded a lot of videos during crocodile feeding but I am lazy to upload them now. LOL. You can go and watch it by yourself. The feeding time is 11am and 3pm. =D

Tengok! I had been here!! The Hot Spring!!!

Well, actually I only reached its gate and I didn't go in. It rained heavily the day before we reached and therefore the current was strong and it was quite dangerous. We spent one hour to reach there, and we spent another hour to go back. WHAT A WASTE!! =(

The kids with the huge snowman at The Spring. The youngest one is so damn cute la! I took around 4 to 5 photos of them with the same scene and he shows his eyes in no single photo. LOL

Photo taken when I back to Sibu but the shirt was bought at Kuching. LOL. Padini got big big sales ler! And the shirt was only around RM20 NIAH!! 70% OFF!! Hahaha!

P/S: I'll be going to Kuching again VERY VERY SOON. =D

==========THE END==========

Saturday, December 17, 2011

No Aedes, No Dengue.

You understand what I drew?


Or more accurately, NYAMUK AEDES! =D 

Have been seeing advertisement about Aedes and Dengue all this while either from Nuffnang or other places. Well, normally I only hate mosquitoes when they're disturbing me when I sleep. Usually mosquitoes don't bite me. I WONDER WHY. My skin is not smooth enough? My blood is not tasty? WHY!?

And I remember during my practical in General Hospital, Sibu one year go, there was an outbreak happening around Hua Kiew Road that area. I was assigned to work in Serology Lab at that time and therefore, I need to handle the blood samples. Of course the staff wan't too bad to leave me alone lar. And I only helped to do the preparation of Dengue test, not the one testing whether the result is positive or not. I was just a trainee at that time. LOL

We can't contribute much in preventing Aedes mosquitoes from breeding. Moreover, society now is becoming more and more selfish, people only care about their own. (I'm always trying not to be one of them.) However, we can play our part by cleaning up the compound of our house frequently. The main activity is to make sure that there are no containers that are collecting water or MIGHT collect water.

 Vases, water buckets, cans, tyres and etc collects rainwater easily!

And for your information, the dengue virus remains active inside human, monkeys and the vector, Aedes mosquitoes only. That's sooooooooooo NOT FAIR right!! Haih..

Some of you might not know that Dengue could be fatal!! And it makes you sooooo suffered! My cousins and their friends were bitten by infectious Aedes mosquitoes years ago and they spent few weeks in hospital. One of their friends almost 'gone'! How scary is that!  And you are suffered from serious body ache that you even get difficulty in moving!

Symptoms of Dengue.  

Please, don't play play with your health. If you are suffering from the symptoms above, please do not hesitate to seek for help from your nearest clinic or hospital! Many of those infected do not survive as they delay the time in which they have seen a doctor!

P/S: This post is up merely because my hands are itchy and my feeling to draw is so damn strong. With no idea what to draw, I simply choose a post from nuffnang page. Don't kill me. XD

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Amano Tsukiko -- Hisui

P/S: If you are not interested in this kind of post you can simply ignore it. LOL
But hey, click my ads before you leave. Thanks. =P

Spent my whole noon and night yesterday trying to figure out every single notes of the song Hisui by Amano Tsukiko. Tried to look for its free piano sheet on net but FAIL miserably. LOL. Bo bien, since I promised my friends to make the accompaniment for them so I HAVE TO KEEP MY PROMISE.

Below is the original version of the song. Actually there are two versions and they require this version. It consists of a lot of musical instruments but I only have piano then how? Try my best lor! LOL

Ok, I assume you have spent your time listening to it. Then now, MY PIANO VERSION! =P

It's different with the original one I know. =P

Erm, no video. You'll see the same picture appearing from the beginning till the end. And it's not the complete one, I've cut it short. And I've added the vocal melody to it. If possible one of my friends might want to sing it. If she really does, I'll upload it for sure! This song is very hard to sing. I GIVE UP. Wish her luck. XD

Enjoy! =D

Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas Trees Exhibition 2011


Hmm, so accident happens and this is not about my Kuching trip. LOL. Went to Wisma Sanyan yesterday and went for Christmas tree exhibition right behind the building as well! It's held annually and the Christmas trees are set up and decorated by different churches.

This year, there are 12 churches taking part in this exhibition. Each of them has different themes. Well, I fail to jot down the presentor of every trees since some of them don't put their names big big on the tree. LOL

A Christmas tree made of GIFTS! Feel like to grab all the gifts home although there should be empty inside. Well, it's the decoration and packaging that add up the marks. LOL

Well, this looks surprisingly nicer in photo rather than in reality. LOL. 

This one looks a bit dull. Maybe due to the lighting or maybe it looks nicer during day time. 

Very 'ang'. Reminds of CNY. XD

This one doesn't involve a lot of lighting too. Therefore, it looks dull.

This one is nice. With the theme of LOVE!

Can't figure out its theme.. Hmm.. =.=

Although it's simple, it looks quite nice!! Sometimes, simple is the best! =)

This one looks very bling bling and it's made of bottles!! Save the environment! LOL

This one is common, not so special.

This one is super duper nice. It's made of FLOWERS! Can you see the FLOWERS? Of course, fake one lar. LOL. Or else it can only be presented for few days then the flowers all got wilted. Haha!

This one looks nicer in reality actually. It's quite simple too but it successfully beats those very complicated one. LOL

Basically, this year they focus more on the beauty of the Christmas tree rather than the creativity. If you compare to the Christmas Trees exhibited last year, the creativity is much much lower. 

Click HERE to see the Christmas Trees exhibited last year. Wish you all a Merry Christmas in advance! =)

P/S: Hopefully I'll write about my Kuching trip in next post. Because I WANNA WRITE ABOUT THE ANIMALSSSS~~ =D

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Grand Opening of Nature Republic in Sibu!

Latest me. Attacked by pimples. HELP! LOL

Woah! This is my first post of December and it has been around two weeks since my last update. Went to Kuching at the early December and I always think of updating my blog everyday (Yes, everyday) but I lost my card reader. Without photos, I just don't feel to update. LOL.

Finally, my card reader is found at my shop. Might have kept it somewhere but then me myself couldn't find it. Stupid enough. =P

Back to the title, it's grand opening of Nature Republic @Wisma Sanyan in Sibu today! Went out around 10am with my cousin, Ming and we went to McD for breakfast, then shopping at Daesco and finally the grand opening of Nature Republic at around 1pm!

There was A LOT OF people!! People mountain people sea! LOL

And there was lion dance too!
P/S: It's the first time for me to enjoy a lion dance from a close distance. I can even touch the lion! O.O

It's so cute when it shakes its butt. Shake it shake it! LOL

A friend of mine, Abbie work as a BA there and with the voucher she gave me, I can enjoy 30% discount for all products! Wuahahahahahahaha~ (Ignore me.)

At first we didn't really feel like to spend but when we heard about the 30% discount, our eyes were sparkling. Well, that supposed to be the common problem among woman. So I am forgiven. =)

Tada~ A fruitful day spent at Nature Republic. LOL

What did I buy? ^.*

Blemish Lab AC - Sebum Clear Acne Cleanser, Toner and Moisturizer.
I forgot the prices already. One bottle Around RM50++ so three of them would be RM150++ and after discount around RM110++. LOL

Since I am always being attacked by pimples (Although not too frequently), so the senior BA there recommended this set for me. It's for sensitive skin as well and hopefully it can cure my pimples problem!!

Fruits Mousse Therapy - Pore Tightening Orange Mousse Pack
RM48.90 --> RM34.23

Fall in love with its smell! It's just soooo ORANGE! There are two types. Orange is for pore tightening and Banana is for whitening. Since I focus more on firming and moisturizing than whitening so I chose the Orange flavor!

 Nah! That's how it looks like. I've tried the mask this noon. *Not Bad* =D

Aserora Hand Me Love - Essential Hand Cream
RM22.90 --> RM16.03

Don't ask me why did I buy this. I don't know. I really don't know. Maybe due to the good smell? XD

Make up Wipeout tissue. Bought by my cousin.
RM7.90 --> RM5.53

Soothing Gel. Bought by my cousin. 
RM32.90 --> 23.03
I had one as my graduation gift already. Thanks to my cell group member! Love you all!

------------------------------THE END------------------------------

We spent a total of RM196.20 and now let's see what are the free gifts we got!! So excited what. Haha!

1. A big big bag with Rain on it.

2. Fresh Farm Peach Foam Cleanser.

3. Collagen BB Cream.

4. Two sheets of Snail Therapy.

5. Free samples. These samples are the mystery gifts you can get with the print out ads as I shared before. Click HERE if you have no idea at all. =D

5. A small bag with Jang Geun Suk on it. LOL

6. A folder with Jang on it. XD

7. A big big poster of Jang. LOL

Since my cousin is a super fan of Jang so I gifted her all the free gifts with Jang on it. Generous or not?? LOL. And I am happy that she's happy with it. She said she gonna paste the poster on her cupboard and enjoy the feeling of watching him everyday. Luckily I don't pursue any stars. =D

Ok, so that's all for my sharing about my money spending day at Nature Republic. However, there are not much products available in the store. The shop is quite small and the varieties are soooo limited. Anyway, it's better than none. =D

And my next post should be about my Kuching trip! Huu~ Feel satisfied that I finally updated my blog. 

Hey, help me to click the ads ok not? Thanks a lot!! =D