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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Creativity of Unimas Students

Yesterday I went to UniWorld in my campus and I'd seen the creativity of Unimas students...
See! A pretty girl advertising Biaramas had become like this!
Let's have a closer look..
How does she feel when she sees this??
The creativity of Unimas students...
P/S: Forgive them, uni life is boring sometimes...

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


The message I wanna show in this post is obvious.
Look at the faces of the cartoons above.
Obviously, I AM SAD now. Damn... I hate this kind of feeling.
I've expected there will be no calls for today and so on because there is SOMEBODY else.
I know I shouldn't be so immature but it's hard to deny the feeling from coming out.
I don't wanna be a burden for you. That's why I hide the SOMETHING.
You never know that I only want you to accompnay me but not the material enjoyment.
How large is the "portion" of my existence in your heart??
I can hardly feel it when we are far apart.
That's one of the reasons that I hate to come here to study.
How nice it would be if you could understand me. A true me.
Is there too much that I'm asking for? Haih..
Yeah, I AM SAD now. And yet I dunno how to release the sadness.
I try so hard to control myself but I fail.
I fail to stop thinking of you. Stop missing you. Stop loving you.
What a failure I have. Damn...

Saturday, July 18, 2009

I had fun playing it!

Before that, let me show you my room as I promised in the last post.
My table lo~ A little bit untidy. Now more tidy lo~
My bed! I love that bedsheet! =P
*End of Story*
Ok. Let's talk about the game I'd played last Wednesday.
Shiau Ping & Jia Ying.
New friends from English Debate Club. They are from West Malaysia oh!
This one, not new friend liao la. Old de liao lo!
Miss Karen Lau!!
Now can guess what we're paying liao eh?? It's free! You have to bring your matric card only! Karen didn't bring her so she used Jacqueline's. LoLz. She's so excited that she couldn't wait to write her name and she straight wore the life jacket and climb onto the 'boat'. =.="
Huuu~ Tired dy so put legs high high!
P/S: That's not my legs oh!! You all know who de la hor!!
When I wanna take photo again, she closed. =P
See the sky! So pretty!
The view of bridge from the middle of the pond!
~View of Sakura~
Jacqueline, Sing Yu & Lee Ping were on the bridge. Can see which ma??
Ei? Who's those guys hor. They are the officers. We drived too far ki and yet made a lot of noise. So we can't hear their whistle. So they drived out to ask us back.
See!! Being caught moh! But the officers were cute! LoLz..
Hmm, next Wednesday, I wanna play this again!! ^^

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

~Unimas Life Starts Again~

Okay, that's the UNIMAS logo. My life in unimas has started again. This semester, my total credit hours is only 20. After adding some lab sessions, 7 days per week is just not enough for me. So sad. Actually I don't have any class on friday, but after editing the timetable, i have ONE class on friday morning and most probably will have Advanced Biochemistry lab session at friday noon. One more thing, I take Basic Finance as my elective subject. Oh My GOD~ I just don't like it! Moreover, many people told me that it's hard to score! Making me scare scare lah~ Actually I wanna take either Introduction to Music or Cognitive Psychology but the classes are full. ><

This is the SAKURA logo. SAKURA is my college name. Now i'm living in a single room with the window facing outside but not corridor anymore! I move from Block B to Block A and same apartment with Jacq. First step, out of my room, second step, I'm in Jacq's room! So near right! Wuahahahaha~ Next time I'll post some photos of my room. I'd taken it but forgot to send to laptop. So the images are still in my handphone~ =P
That's the view of Block C. Grabbing from somewhere on internet. LoLz.
That's the bridge of UNIMAS. Right opposite the big big pond is the BUNGA RAYA college and CEMPAKA college. Karen is living at BUNGA RAYA college which takes me around 10 minutes to walk from SAKURA to BUNGA RAYA. Luckily I have a car here already so everything will be easy~ Hopefully I can get my car sticker as soon as possible~ =D
That's the view of the terrible weather here. It's raining at BUNGA RAYA college but sunny weather at SAKURA. LoLz. I try to upload some photos about my apartment and my room in my next post. So please wait ah~ LoLz.. ^^

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Borneo Cultural Festival

I went to the Borneo Cultural Festival last friday night. Guess what had I buy??
Not clear??
Wait ah...
One more time~
Yeah!! It's an ultraman balloon~

Can you imagine how did I look when I took the balloon all along??