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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Get Ready To... FLY!!

Get Ready To FLY? What does that mean? It means.. I am off to GuangZhou soon!
Booked the tickets for more than 10 months and finally it's time to FLY!! Hooray!!
The schedule is as below:

28/06 0820 SIBU - KUCHING
28/06 2050 KUCHING - KL
29/06 0535 KL - GUANGZHOU
05/07 2050 GUANGZHOU - KL + 15kg Luggage
06/07 0655 KL - SIBU + 15kg Luggage

Guess what, those flights cost me RM500 only. Very cheap right? Wuahahahaha~

Did you see all those small bottles? I went to Watson this morning and bought all those travel kits! Tanaka White travel set, Johnson travel set and bla bla bla! Some of the products I have never tried before! Hopefully they won't cause any discomfort to me. And another important thing is that hopefully they are enough for me! Haha!

Went for money exchange as well this afternoon and those are what I got sharing with my friend. =P



Sunday, June 26, 2011

Makan Makan At Hong Fu (洪福)

Photo taken last night. =)

Planned to update this post this morning but I was too tired. I slept at around 3am and woke up at around 7am. This post is about the food at Hong Fu, a famous restaurant in Sibu. Most of the people in Sibu know about Hong Fu regarding its super delicious food such as crabs (I am always craving for this), Philippine Pork Leg and etc.

Since the restaurant has moved from Jalan Pahlawan to its current location near Medan Mall, their business is always extremely well until you can't imagine the numbers of customers!! It's very common if you go there and then you found out there's no table available even though their sizes are around three or four shops. There are around three or four times that I went there for crabs but finished already! Until now I haven't tasted the crabs since they moved! T^T

Last night, my family and I went there and we were lucky enough to grab a table although it was located VERY FAR. The second last on the road. Yes, they placed their tables at the parking lots and yet they are still always full! I guess one of the reasons is that their food is served in a short time even though they are full! You don't have to wait for a long long time!

My mum and sis. My sis was so happy to go out! XD

My dad and Clement. 

My bro, Panjang Tie, sis-in-law, Jennifer Wong and Elaine.

Can you see that we were actually having our dinner on the road? LoLz! Btw, I din take photos of the dishes because I was busy eating and then I forgot to take photos. Hahaha! However, we went there again this morning before going to church for its dim sum! I love dim sum very much honestly. Hehe!

Well, I never know Hong Fu provides dim sum in the morning and some of the dim sum are not bad ler!

My Favourite Dim Sum. XD

Nah! They looked not bad right? The Char Siew Pau (叉烧包) was ok, acceptable and the Har Kaw (虾饺), Siu Mai (烧卖) also acceptable. I din try the Fish Ball but Panjang said it was not delicious! Haha! Then, my mum said the Fish Tauhu was nice but I din try. I din try the 猪肠粉 also but they said not bad lor! Hehe. Sometimes, it is nice to wake up early and go for breakfast which makes you feel fresh! But I think that thing won't happen on me because I always stay until late night and then wake up at around noon time. =X


Saturday, June 25, 2011

New Layout & New Name

Ok, I am dreaming that I have a sharper nose. >______<

As you can see from the top part of my blog, the name has been changed from "Welcome To My World" to "Peary Land" since last night. Why "Peary Land"? Honestly it's simply due to my nickname --> Ah Lee aka Pear. And the layout has been changed since few days ago solely because current layout allows accommodation of larger images.

From wikipedia:

Peary Land is a peninsula in northern Greenland, extending into the Arctic Ocean. It reaches from Victoria Fjord in the west to Independence Fjord in the south and southeast, and to the Arctic Ocean in the north, with Cape Morris Jesup, the northernmost point of Greenland's mainland, and Cape Bridgman in the northeast.

A photo of Peary Land.

Ok, apparently I am not happy with that. Because I want my blog to be unique! Whatever, I think I am going to use this name until I found another more suitable one! Hope you all like my new layout and new blog name!  Have a nice day! =D

Friday, June 24, 2011

F&N Fun

Here I come to update my blog! Today, I am going to share some good stuff with you all! It is an activity organized by F&N and I knew it through the friendly F&N crew I met yesterday. They came in the shop with an iPad2 and at first I thought they gonna sell their iPad to me! How can I afford that? Haha!

Then, they asked me to sign in my Facebook account using their iPad2 and LIKE the F&N Fun page and share it out! What are the prizes?? Notice only the SPREAD THE OOOMPH PRIZES ok!

See the prizes?? They are excellent and fantastic right?? Well, as long as you have a facebook account then you can join the contest!! HOW??

Log in your facebook account and search F&N Fun page and LIKE the page!! Then, follow the instructions below!


2. Then, click the button CLICK HERE!! =)

3. Allows the page to unload first! Wait patiently ya!

4. Click the SPREAD & WIN!!

5. Read the rules carefully and don't worry about the questions! They are very easy!!

6. Click the options shown in red box. They are the correct answers! Ignore my stupid face ok! =P

7. Fill in your details in the table! Don't use fake ID ok!

8. The rocket is in the air! Click the SHARE button!

9. Share and post the event to your wall! =D

10. Now you can start asking your friends to click on your unique link just like what I have done yesterday!

Therefore, if you see me sharing similar link in facebook, please don't be stingy to give me a click ok? Appreciate the click(s) a lot! Have a nice day everyone! =)

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Have Fun With Maybelline!

Hi hi! New update here! I went to Guardian last night just to buy Maybelline's products! Why? It's because it's the last day of the 44th Anniversary Charity Bonanza! Donated RM5 and received a charity savings booklet last week and at first I was thinking to look for the comments of its products on the forum but I forgot to do so. So, I simply chose some products. =P

It is quite a waste honestly because I seldom make up. At most I'll apply make up base, brightener, then I'll cover my dark circle with BB Cream and last with loose powder. I seldom use eyeliner or whatever eye products. Lazy bah~

Maybelline BB Cream -- RM19.90

I wanted this for so long. It is not expensive but the size is to small!! That's why I consider for so long time but at last I bought it. There are two different colors but I have chosen FRESH. Hehe! It is said to brighten and even skin, cover imperfections, moisturize and protect the skin. Tried it last night and found out that it's smooth and easy to apply. But one thing to complain is that it is not sufficient enough to cover imperfections because my dark circles are still so damn obvious!! Maybe my dark circles are just too serious for any products?? >____<

Volume Express Cat Eyes Mascara Waterproof -- RM23.73 (Ori: RM33.90)
2-In-1 Impact Shadow Liner By EYESTUDIO -- RM11.83 (Ori: RM16.90)

Guess what, until I reached home then only I realized the mascara is the same with the Hello Kitty Mascara I bought at Kuching last year. Argh~ At first I wanna buy another type but I dunno why I chose this at last!! So sad! T^T However, it's ok lah! I don't really like to use mascara because it is hard to remove. =(

And the shadow liner!! I thought it is an eyeliner pencil but who knows that's a shadow liner which means that you can use it as eye shadow or eye liner. I tried it last night and it's so damn easy to apply!! Since my Kate eyeliner is missing so I think this one suits me better.

Ok, it's a must to cam-whore after applying so many stuffs on your face!! Haha!! End this post with my pictures! As you can see, my dark circles are still very obvious so the BB Cream doesn't cover well! 

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


First of all, special thanks to Ivan for giving me a chance to write about!

It is the new generation of e-business owned by Yaminos Sdn Bhd and the company sells premium products online like: computers, cameras, game consoles and even cars, at very low prices.

Basically, it is a penny auction website which allows you to bid for your desired items and buy them with lower prices than you could imagine! Every single bid represents a raise of RM0.01 only! Doesn't that sound attractive to you? At least it is to me. =D


Well, I got so excited when I saw those bidding items and there is a lot more coming up soon! They have branded bags, laptops, refrigerator, iPod, iPad2 and etc for bidding now! Yes, I am sooo interested in those electronic products!! Wish to grab all of them! >___<
Sign up and learn how to bid now! It is soooo easy!!

No, you can't because it is still the beta version where you can only bid for fun. Well, there is no harm to practice your bidding skill now until their official launching date on 12/07/2011! Don't worry, all the kookies you spent will be returned once the official launching has been done.

Kookies are important because YOU NEED KOOKIES TO BID!!
Everytime you bid, the number of kookies will be reduced.
Sign up now as a free O2motomoto member and get 50 kookies for free and stand a chance to win an iPhone 4! Don't forget to join their facebook page!
What? 50 isn't enough for you? Sign in daily to receive 10 free kookies! It is that simply yet effective!

If you are reading this now, you are not too late for the great deal because they have PRE-LAUNCH PROMOTION right now!

The offer is just too irresistible!! All those things are far more worthy than a RM200! You can judge it by yourself! The extra benefits are only limited to first 500 members who purchase the RM200 AA Bid Package so please HURRY UP to grab the golden chances!

Well, if you think that's all for its promotion then you are TOTALLY WRONG!!
The first 10 members who joined as AA members, each of you will get a pair of GSC Movie Tickets for FREE!!

Hey, the great deal is not ended yet... What else you can get?




Dream for a vacation? It's not a dream anymore!
Sign up and purchase the RM200 Package then you'll have the chance to grab FREE travel vouchers available for 2 persons to the following locations: Shanghai, Guilin and Chengdu!


1. They are the the creators of "Entertainment Shopping" on the internet and they are also one of the first companies to combine referral program and entertainment.


It works by joining them and becoming an O2motomoto Affiliate Agent (AA) and then you can earn incentives by referring members to! It allows you to earn CASH REWARDS and BONUS KOOKIES from Bid Packages sales when you refer members to O2motomoto!

Sounds easy right? It is not a tough job with the assistance of social network pages such as facebook and twitters. Just imagine, with every purchase of RM200 AA Bid Package by your referral, you could earn RM100 cash!! WOW!! It's far more easier than 'begging' people to click the advertisements on your blog! Haha! *Just Joking*

Show you all a picture regarding the benefits from AA program.


Sign Up now and clicks BUY MORE KOOKIES as in the red box below:

Then, it will lead you to the page as below:

Click on the AA Bid Package with RM200 and then you will be qualified as AA and start your organization  immediately!

2. They have a new platform called "Reselling" where you can have a second chance to bid on the newly win products from the winners!

Basically, it means that if you have successfully won a product, you can place the item for second level of bidding and you can gain some CASH rather than the products! Yes, it is another chance for you to earn money! By the way, the winner has to make the decision to resell within 24 hours!

Click HERE to know more about the Resellauction!

It is absolutely simple and easy that even a clumsy person like me is managed to understand how it works and yeah, I am playing the bid everyday!! Why don't you join me and have fun together??