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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Little Pear's Comic!!

Hi hi! The yellow pear refers to me and the green pear refers to my nephew, Steven. Why YELLOW? Because I am mature already bah! 23 years old already what!! Why GREEN? Masih mentah lar! He is only 6 years old. Haha!! 

This is a true story between my nephew and I. I was playing with my cell phone that day at the living room then my nephew came and told me something about Little Blackie (小黑). I really thought there was something bad about it then I ran to the hamsters with him. Well, out of my expectation, he got so excited and told me that Little Blackie POOS!! XD

Oh ya, I am so into one of the software in my phone called Paint Joy nowadays. The above drawings were all drawn using that software! Don't criticize on the drawings ok! I have really no potential and talent in drawings. So sad. T^T

Btw, I have been busy these few days but I will try my very best to update in order to maintain the numbers of visitors. Hahaha! Please, visit me always and don't forget to click the ads for me ya! =D


  1. so funny ler, the conversation ! hahaha. i thought u used hand to draw ler. rupa-rupanya u used software ah. nowadays, everything need/use IT le. next time talking also IT liao. XD

  2. I use hand oh!! Use hand to draw on the phone oh! Haha..

  3. Hua hua, why speechless??
    Lau Kiew Toh, Me still yellow nice and juicy! Not hitam!! >__<


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