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Saturday, June 11, 2011


What is an E Love House?

Some of you might know but some of you might not know that I actually own a shop with my friend. It is a gift shop started its business since 2009. It is located at first floor of Medan Mall, Sibu, Sarawak! It has been a long time since I last promoting my shop so now it's time for me to do the job! ^^

I was studying in Kuching for the past months so to be honest, I didn't really take care of my shop. I just dump everything to my partner. Since I have graduated now, I will try my very best to take care of the shop. Hopefully lar! Hahaha!!

What do we have?

First, we have this extremely-big-in-size hippos plush toys!! Of course, with a lot of tiny hippos! What a sweet family! Hahaha!

Then, we have these!! The bolsters from Disney characters!! We have Stitch, Chipmunks and Mickeys! We actually have a lot more but some of them are sold already!

Of course, we have these!! Adorable key chains, and also plush toys for your CARS!! We have bears, graduation bears, fruity winnies, piggies and a lot more!! =D

Here come a lot of tiny key chains and phone straps!! Wow, it really looks A LOT here!! XD

Key Chains... You see the angry birds key chain there?? Those are the only two types available now. More angry birds stuffs are coming soon!! =D

We also have the bling bling stickers for phones, cute cartoon fans and also sleeping eye masks! I brought a froggy fan to Kuching before to prevent any nights with no electricity. Haha! And I also have a funny sleeping eye mask too! My previous room mate should have known that. XD

We also have a lot of photo frames available in different styles and sizes! Some of them are really cute, interesting and special! To be honest, I wonder how many of you would purchase a photo frame as gift for others? I mean, how many of you would put your photos in a photo frame and put it somewhere in your room? Haha!!

Cups!! Some of them are really cute and we have cups for couples as well!! The sweetest gift for your love one to have the couple cups!! Why no one ever gifts me that?? LoLz!! Just joking ok. =P

We also have wallets, namecard holders, watches and also various types of MAGIC CUBES!! I used to be 'quite good but not so good' in 3 x 3 but few days ago I tried to play my niece's magic cube and I got stuck!! Sh*t!! LoLz..

A lot of stuffs!! We have cute table lamps, charming containers, various types of coin boxes including angry bird set and a lot more!! I just can't list them all here. XP

Please Visit Us Always At
Medan Mall And
Enjoy Shopping!!!


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