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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Kath's Birthday~!

Photo taken this noon while I was sending my mum to Everwin. lol

My skin condition got slightly better but still got some scars on it. I am currently trying on some new products and I take photos everyday. If it's effective I'll definitely recommend it here so just stay tuned. If you din see me sharing any products then you know lah. lol (pm/comment me if you want to know the brand which doesn't show its effectiveness) 

Ok, this post is a post about my colleague, Kathleen's birthday! Her birthday was actually on 3rd of October and I was still in Singapore at that time. When I back from the vacation, I asked Wendy whether was there any celebration even a simple one but she said NO. Ok, so I think I should organize one belated birthday party.

Then we decided to go Twin Star Steamboat where you paid a RM20 each and can grab as many food as you can. We invited Kathleen for the dinner but we din show any sign about the celebration. And we thought she wouldn't had expected it since her birthday passed for at least two weeks already. (Yeah, it's quite hard to get all of us gathered)

And when the time came, Kathleen still not confirmed whether got people fetch her or not so Wendy asked me to go to Wisma Sanyan to fetch her! We wouldn't wanna let go of her anymore! lol. 

The food. Delicious oh! We cooked it on our own!! 

And out of her surprise!! A cake!! =D
And after looking back at the photo only I realize Luffy's thumb is cacat one! >.<

Samuel, Kath's bf and funny cute Wendy!

Imelda, Wendy's cousin was busy eating kerang and Kath, the birthday girl who wore so formal for steamboat. lol

We stayed for more than 2 hours and ate as much as we could. Felt so happy that everyone was so funny and we laughed and enjoyed the dinner to the fullest! And if you can see, I'm the only Chinese. =P However we have no barrier in communication although I can't really understand the local language. When this happened, we used hand signs. lol
Love this photo much much!! Kath is so photogenic right! And Wendy is cute! >.< 

Although it's late, still, Happy Birthday to Kathleen! Happy everyday! Stay cute, stay pretty and stay slim! Don't get influenced by Wendy! lol 

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Sweet Trip

Oh hi! It's me! Trying to gain back my enthusiasm on blog writing like how I did when I just started to write blog but... Lazy bah! Since I start to join my current company, everyday is like so damn tired!! Mentally and physically! (Ahem, tedious excuse!!) But it's true that I don't feel like doing any things other than sitting/lying doing nothing. Genetically inherited laziness from my dad. lol

Last few posts are about my trip to Singapore and KL and now it's the post about my trip to Kuching. Yes, within 2 weeks time, I took a total of 5 flights and had been travelling to 3 different cities. It may sound crazy but hell ya I enjoyed it a lot! I really love travelling and visiting different places what. =)

I was near to bankruptcy after my trip to Singapore and at first I rejected Karen's invitation but then she told me she purposely delayed her resignation so that she could fetch me around the town when I went there. Once she stops the job, she has no car to drive. Ok, feeling touched and so I booked my tickets. =P

Reached Kuching at evening time and Karen came to pick me up with her cute daddy. And we headed to Seoul Garden for dinner!! I didn't really record down my expenses in Kuching so I forgot the price already. lol

Super nice leh!! Until I miss it so damn much at home now. T^T

Side dishes that come along.

Sushi!! Tasted good! ^^

After dinner, we fetched her cute daddy home and went to New Era Region to pick Mandy! She was in Kuching for her bf's convocation! After having her dinner at Tarot Cafe we headed to KBox in The Spring mall and sang out guts out until 2am. Crazy huh?

And the next day, it was Unimas's 15th Convocation Day. Visiting Unimas was one of my main purpose of going to Kuching because I have quite a lot of friends who were having their convocation on that day. I slept at 3am and woke up at 7am. Seriously not enough sleep meh! (Slang learnt from Karen and Mandy.) lol
Got ready for breakfast! ^^

We went to a kopitiam at BDC which was highly recommended by Karen but I never try it before. Not bad lah the food, but I didn't have appetite maybe due to not enough sleep and too early. My breakfast is always a cup of milo or sometimes add in some koko krunch.
Err, I think it's not the bian-sip we always have. Dunno what it is actually called.

Ok, i like this. With kaya inside. lol

手工面--Handmade noodles? lol

After breakfast, we headed to Unimas!! Oh! It had been 10 months I didn't go inside the campus. The very last time would be with Nana and Joan while they were rushing for their FYP and that would have to be traced back to December last year. o.O

First thing when we reached campus, looked for stall selling flowers!!

Roses!! Ready!! =D

Karen! Ready!! Super thanks to her for carrying the flowers for me! =P

Congratz to Joan, Yuen Tong, Nana, Yanyee and Kelly!! And after the convo only I remember I din take photos with some other graduates!! And I didn't meet some as well! Haiyo~ Btw, congratz to every graduates!! ^^

Karen asked me to do such expression together but I kena tipu! She didn't do it!! Grrr
Took this gorgeous pic of Mandy when we had our 100 plus after the convo somewhere near One Jaya.

And of course! Our next destination would be One Jaya!! =D
Didn't take any photos when we were busy shopping! And I bought a dress as my NY cloth. It's just about the right time to shop for NY clothes isn't it? (Another tedious excuse for over-spending.)
The only pic we took in the mall.

Met up with Jacqueline when it was around 5 something in the evening and we went to check in our 360 hotel! =D
The very sexy Karen was accidentally captured in the pic. Hoho!

After that, I went for dinner with one of my previous lecturers, Dr. Lee at 101. Had a long chat with him, about everything we could chat and thanks for encouraging me! =)

Went back hotel and mask time!! Karen did take some photos but I am not going to show them up here due to the privacy problem because everyone look so drab! lol

Next morning, hi-bread as breakfast!!
The breads. Of course I would not miss to order my favorite american breakfast but I forgot the take a pic of it. Too excited to try it at that time. Breakfast treated by Karen so big thanks!! =D

After breakfast, we went to Crown Square because Karen was going to meet someone and she sounded mysterious. And to our surprise...
Earphone plugs from Karen to me, Mandy and Jacqueline with our initials as gifts! So cute right?

See! So cute what!! >.<

Next, swimming time!! Woohooooooo

Very funny. Wuahahahahaha!! Only three of us went swimming and Jacq be the camera-girl!

Happy happy~!!

A pic of me and Mandy.

Then, we checked out the hotel and went to Sheer Perfection for manicure and pedicure!! It was my very first time and quite excited what. lol

Since they can only served two at once so Mandy and Karen did theirs first and Jacqueline and me went to dabao lunch! We were running out of time because Mandy's flight back to KL was at around 6 something in the evening. So we skipped our lunch and dabao some back to Sheer Perfection. =D
Hielo yoghurt ice cream! And our lunch was Pizza Hut treated by Jacqueline! =D
Mandy showing her outcome of manicure! =D

After manicure, pedicure time! =D

This's my outcome. Ok hor?? Quite love it. Colour chose by Mandy~ =D

After this, I went to my bro's house to meet cute little Isabelle! She is still as cute as before and we went for dinner at 101 again. And I was wearing exactly the same clothes as yesterday. =.= Really hope that the waiters and stall owner won't realize that. (Aiya, nobody recognize you lah, who do you think you are?) lol

 After that, my bro fetched me to airport and it's time to goodbye Kuching and hello Sibu! Tired oh! XD
Buddies~ Thanks for everything and I heart you all much much! *love* ^o^

Friday, October 19, 2012

【新加坡/马来西亚】Part 3: Hard Rock Hotel / Toast Box / Mid Valley / Marutama Ra-men / Pavilion

Hard Rock Hotel Sentosa, Singapore!!

Continue from last post!! We went back to Hard Rock Hotel to check in and our room was upgraded to Deluxe Suite for FREE. Absolutely FREE!! Which means we stayed in Deluxe Suite for SGD254 only. Divided by four so each of us paid around SGD63.5 only. *winks* ^o^

Yvonne even said that this was the compensation of her loss on the camera. LOL. She's happy then ok. =D

Kindly visit AsiaTravel to know more and don't worry, we had called and confirmed it's one of their travel agents so it's safe to make your booking through the website!

More photos about the hotel and room...

Swimming poolsss! Too bad we were all too exhausted to enjoy ourselves in the water. 

The gate in guitar shape. Hard Rock spirit huh!

Look at this. If you were tired of swimming, you can always have a beer in the water! What an enjoyable moment!! Btw, we are all non-alcoholic except Annie who keeps saying that she wants to train herself. lol

A part of the lobby. It's much more larger than you can imagine...

There are many rock stars portraits along the corridors~

I think.. the costume was being wore by some sort of rock stars?? Well, not interested. =P

Our bed!! See the arrow there?? It can be pulled out and that was my bed for the night. Three of them squeezed on the big bed and guessed I had the best sleep that night!! Although I slept quite well for every nights during the trip.

Excellent space for girls like us to relax and read some magazines but the table was then full of our stuffs including the chairs and they couldn't even be seated. You know lah, girls bah! Must have a lot of stuffs~

What's that for? Mahjong? LOL. It's for tea/coffee time! =)

The room is the shower room and there's a bathtub outside. We used the bathtub to wash and soak our legs and guess what I found a web that teaches on how to use bathtub at a hotel. 

Click HERE if you're interested. It's kinda funny. Haha!

And when I looked outside the window, guessed what did I discover???
VIRGO CRUISE!! It was my first time to have seen a cruise in such a close distance! It's really big!! Would love to go for vacation in cruise for at least once in my life. ^o^

After placing all our luggage in the room we then immediately headed monorail station for our next activity : Songs of the Sea!! I've read from the net that this show is a must if you ever visit to Sentosa. In case you wonder what show it actually is, read the below.

Songs of the Sea brings you a mesmerizing show with a live cast, dramatic effects and pyrotechnics. Water jets, flame bursts, lasers and captivating music make this a one-of-a-kind entertainment spectacle that's fun for everyone. A rain or shine event, this is one performance that you won't want to miss.

Or visit HERE to know more. The ticket can be bought at USS. SGD12 for ordinary seat and SGD15 for premium seat.

P/S: Never sit at the front rows if you hate being splashed by water. lol

Before that, dinner time!! Visited the McDonald in Singapore and saw some dishes that were not available in Malaysia!

Chicken McGrill Burger!! It was so damn tasty and big in size!!! Bigger if compare to Malaysia's McD!

Saw this. Indoor Skydiving. Sound interesting isn't it!! I sooo wish to play it but we were running out of time. *sob sob*

I didn't take any photo of the show Songs of The Sea but I recorded it. =.= Not the entire show but I think around 3/4 of the show. Not going to show it here if possible you guys should feel it first hand and get amazed!!

After the show, we went back to hotel. Although we supposed to enjoy the services of the hotel to the fullest God knows we were all tired and wanted to do nothing but lying on the bed! We slept quite early that day after soaking our legs in the hot bathtub for around 10 minutes. Recorded some hilarious videos but I won't post it here or else I'll be killed by Annie. lol

Next morning, we woke up quite early and wanted something nice as breakfast but all shops not open yet except Toast Box. 

Apparently Barley & Eggs lover except Annie who ordered Nasi Lemak. Wonder how can she have such heavy meal as breakfast. o.O

The very nice half boiled eggsss with sauce. @.@

Looked ordinary but quite delicious! =)

Finally, Good bye Hard Rock Hotel!! RROOOCKKKSSS!!! Hand sign requested by the cameraman aka bellboy. Wonder why Jelline showed call me sign and Yvonne showed cacat rock sign. Refer mine and Annie's for the standard one. Hoho

After that, we headed to Changi Airport and flew back to KL! First station: Yvonne's aunty Judy's condo!

Handmade Onigiri served by aunty Judy. Nice eh!! Slurrpp!

Then we went to Mid Valley and hunted for steamed chicken!! Yvonne beh tahan already since we didn't have any in Singapore. lol

Yvonne ordered quarter of chicken and yeah, she finished it alone. Geng hor?? She said steamed chicken not available in Korea so must eat at least once! So funny one.

We wandered in Mid Valley and the Garden until night time and went back to rest.

Next morning, we headed to Pavilion to meet Ingming!! She purposely applied leave to gather with us! So touch what. T^T

Firstly, breakfast as usual! I forgot the name of the restaurant but it's a Japanese restaurant if not mistaken.
My massively huge size beef burger. Eat till so xin ku ah! It was really big!! =P

Yvonne's hello kitty coffee. Cute hor?

After breakfast it's shopping time!! Jelline and Yvonne were the biggest buyer and then Annie and lastly me and Ingming who only did window shopping until... I entered SASA. T^T

Wondered how the shopping mood raised in a sudden and I spent more than RM400 in SASA. And once it was started, it continued. So I spent another RM300 in Isetan for my Carlo Rino bag. =______=

Had our dinner at Marutama Ra-men in Fahrenheit. The egg is so damn delicious oh I want to eat it now! =(

Jelline and Yvonne in Wow Karaoke in Sungei Wang while waiting for Annie. Annie went for gathering with her uni friends so four of us had our own activities while waiting for her. We spent around RM150 and went to sing K for less than 2 hours although we can actually stay until 2am. What a waste right? But we were all exhausted so nobody cared about the money anymore. We just wanted to have a place to rest!! lol

After that, went back to Aunty Judy's condo to rest!! This time, Ingming's with us and you expect for an overnight talk? NO. I slept quite early. At least I was the earliest to sleep among them. lol

Next morning, Pavilion again because Jelline wanted to get her Gucci box. She forgot to bring the receipt the day before so no choice we had to go there one more time.

This time, we had our breakfast at the food court.
The very delicious Fried Carrot Cake!! Really delicious although got little bit oily lah.

This's nice too but I preferred the carrot cake. Hehe.

Egg tart bought by Ingming and almost all of them went into my stomach at last. Hoho!

It was indeed a precious trip for me since it has been a really long time I last on a vacation with them!! The last time would have to trace back to around Year 2004-2005 when we travelled to Kuching and that was 7 years ago! And I really hope to go for another vacation soon with you guys!! Taiwan? Thailand? Korea? So enjoy what!! Thank you everyone!! =D
A photo of all the souvenirs and stuffs I bought. Bankrupt sudah loh! =P

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