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Monday, July 30, 2012

Makan Makan At Sweet Zakka House

Ok, that's me. Not so recent one. LOL

Again, I've been missing for quite a long time and now I'm here to simply update a not so new update perfunctorily. What am I talking about. =.="

Btw, do you know what's Sweet Zakka House?

By looking at its name.. Hmm.. Deserts. Right??

Well, it's actually a wonderful place for hi-tea. They serve mainly cakes and beverages. The design there is simple but the environment is just too comfortable that I stayed there for few hours with friends. =)

Photos of cakes they serve. Kindly order at your preference. Of cause not on the spot lah. =)

Do you wonder as me.. Why does it call Sweet Zakka House??

Here's the answer for it. 

Back to the most important part -- THE FOOD!!

They only serve around 9 types of different cakes and 2 cookies everyday. The menu will be different from time to time, depending on the cakes available at the day. And the price is somehow affordable for sure, from RM6.90 to RM8.90.

I went there twice. First with Jelline and Ing Ming on Ing Ming's birthday and that would have to trace back to June. LOL. The second time with Karen. =)

Yum Cake -- RM6.90 (Highly recommended!!)

Classic Cheesecake -- RM8.90 (Not bad also)

Green tea red bean cake -- RM6.90 (Taste is somehow weird but.. SPECIAL!!)

Oreo Cheesecake -- RM8.90 (Nice!!)

Chocolate -- RM4.50 (Normal lor, no surprise)

Passion Soda -- RM6.90 (I didn't try it but Jelline commented that it's too sour)

Yam Milk Shake -- RM7.90
Again, I didn't try it but Ing Ming said that it's too sweet. LOL

This shop has started operating since last year and I only got to know it last month! I'm truly out-dated. LOL. And I wonder why, there's more and more milktea shop set up in Sibu. After Easy Drink Easy Go, there goes WikiTea and now Godzilla!! I've tried the previous two and I'll look for time to try the last one!!

After viewing the pretty and comfortable environment in Sweet Zakka House, what are you waiting for?? Pay them a visit to feel the relaxing moment on your own. I'll definitely visit them in near future!! =D