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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Makan Makan At RARO ^^

It's a makan makan post again! This time, we went to RARO located near terminal bus. The actual address is No 6, Ground Floor, Jalan Pahlawan. However, I think by knowing the address you might not be able to find it LOL since the Jalan Pahlawan is somehow common. Previously, it was Amigor. Next to it is a K Box and opposite to it is the O Pub. Err.. Understand? LOL

It looks much more better in real. My phone is getting lousier especially when taking picture at night. I WONDER WHY!! Have to be serious to look for either a better phone or a digital cam. >.<

The environment there is quite good and the service is good. The waitress's attitude is good but it's somehow a little bit dark at night. I mean the lighting is not strong enough. However, it's quite comfortable lor. LOL. The food is a little bit expensive but not more expensive than the Wonderful Cafe I posted before.

Left: Strawberry Milkshake -- RM 8.90
Right: Hot Honey Green Tea -- RM2.90

Err.. Not so special lor. Like the milkshake and honey green tea that you can get from any cafe or restaurant. LOL. But milkshake for RM8.90 is really a little bit too expensive. LOL

What do you think is this??? o.O

Chef's Special Mushroom Soup -- RM8.90

Yeah, mushroom soup!! Special right? But I wanna ask, how should I eat this?? Cause when it's served, I was playing games so I left it until the bun soaked all the soup and NOT MUCH LEFT INSIDE!! Anyone can tell me how to eat this actually!?

Cheesy Seafood Rice -- RM17.90

It's somehow similar to Cheese baked rice. If you love cheese, then just go for it. If not, you better think twice because you'll easily get tired with the cheese. When the cheese's too much, you might not love it anymore. LOL

Chicken Chop (Served with French Fries & Coleslaw) -- RM 16.90

I ordered this. Not much surprise it gave me. Just an ordinary chicken chop.

Btw, I posted these photos on FB one of my friends commented that the Spaghetti they served is very very very nice. So any of you who's free can visit to RARO and try the spaghetti and let me know how's it! ^^

My driver of the day who drove me to RARO. LOL

Just realize I always post about Makan Makan nowadays. Perhaps my life is somehow boring and the only good thing to be shared is the FOOD. LOL. Btw, this post is started since few days ago and I updated bit by bit after that. And I am lazy to continue already. So, END OF POST!! LOL

Thursday, June 14, 2012

I've Kuching-ed enough!

It's been quite a long time since I last applied make up. LOL
Still ok eh? =P

I went to Kuching (again!!) during early April. It's meant to be a relaxing vacation but ended up to be an experience-gaining trip. Learnt to know some facts which did hurt me for sometimes. And I won't be going to Kuching in near future although my colleague did mentioned about the Kuching Food Festival which's going to be held during July/August... we'll see how. LOL. Btw, I'm totally recovered now. I'm always OK, as I always look to be OK. I'm really OK!! ^^

First of all, it's about FOOD!! Yes, I LOVE FOOD!! LOL

Life Cafe goes first!!

Went to Life Cafe with Huasien and Ivy (Both are my ex-coursemates) for lunch before we headed to K Box. Not sure whether did I write about Life Cafe before but I couldn't find it lar. However, I didn't take any photo of the food. HOW COULD I!!! Phone battery flat?? I forgot already. April is such a long time ago. Agree? LOL

This's Prawn Wantan Soup from a Hong Kong style restaurant in The Spring. Please forgive me, I really forgot the restaurant's name!! And, I THINK it tasted nice. I THINK lar. Don't really remember already. Hahaha! Leave a comment to let me know. I really can't remember!!

Oh ya, this one I know. SUSHI KING!!! It was having Bonanza that time so I'd never missed the chance to have cheap sushi!!!!!! XD

And remember to go with big eater so that you'll feel like : waiseh, we tam diok liao!! LOL.

Ah, this one's supposed to be the Ha Kaw from.. Err.. Mitsu?? OH NO!! I remembered its location but I forgot the restaurant's name!! OH GOSH!! It's located near 4-points.. ARGH!! Louzy memory!! COMMENT ME if you know!!!

This one I'm sure all of you don't know where one. Because it's at my sis-in-law's uncle's house. Wuahahahaha! Even me myself also dunno where's it. I just sit in the car and they'll bring me to the destination. LOL Look nice ler! Am hungry now. o.O

Had enough with the food, now the PLACES!!

Went to the Hot Spring located at 7miles (correct me if I'm wrong because I can't really remember already!!) with Yan Yee, Kelly, Derek and Ah Hing. Very rare names that seldom appear on my blog because.. I'm not so close with them. LOL. They're stupid Nana's housemates and friends and she dumped me to them and she didn't follow. Btw, they're all very friendly so who cares. Vacation is meant to be enjoyable. Not to be influenced by anyone. ^^

Then, I got lost in the wonderland in The Spring. LOL

Pretty lady's back. Lusting? XD
Jennifer's heading into the wonderland! =D

Look incredible right? They were all made with balloons, towels and hard card boards. Feel the like I'm the Alice who got lost in the wonderland. LOL

Those are what I bought home. I thought I would spend some times on it but they were quite easy to be completed.. so I completed them in two day. More specifically, one night and one morning. LOL.

Btw, gonna stop here and go for a bath!! Sibu's weather's so damn hot today!! Beh tahan already. WHERE'S RAIN~!?

Oh ya, like my page on fb ya! And if you're kind enough please help me to click click the nuffnang ads ya!! Thanks a lot!!! ^^

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Makan Makan At Wonderful Cafe (Italian Coffee)

So, how many of you are actually a coffee maniac who acts really wild without coffee in a day? Well, I'm definitely not such kind of people. I'm not craving for coffee for most of the time, and I never order coffee at kopitiam. Normally I order coffee at cafe or restaurant. I'm not a coffee lover, not even a gourmet to comment about the taste but I simply feel that coffee offered at cafe or restaurant (For example, Starbucks) is tastier. LOL

Sibu people should know the existence of Italian Coffee which is previously located at Jalan Pedada (near Sunday market, which is now MF Cafe) since it faces one of the main roads in Sibu. Then, I found it disappear one day and I thought it's closed! And I was like : Aiya, how come close? I don't even have chance to visit at least once! =(

Ok, then, I found it surprisingly near Wonderful market (near Giant as well) and I became like : Aiya, rupa-rupanya it's not closed but moved!! LOL XD

The Wonderful Cafe located at ground floor was a place for alcohols and snacks. If you wish to have food or coffee, it's actually located at the first floor! We went into Wonderful Cafe and found the environment was really too weird then we asked the waitress whether they serve food or not and she told us that it's at first floor. LOL

Wonderful lighting =)

Wonderful ideas =)

Wonderful decoration =)

Wonderful wine o.O (Either red or white wines!)

The environment there is just so amazing and comfortable together with the nice songs which can definitely comfort your stressful mind!You can also order wines and slowly sip it bit by bit imaging that you are from higher society. LOL.

Ok, that doesn't apply on me because
1) I don't drink wines and
2) I never can eat western food in an elegant way.

My fingers are meant to hold chopsticks but not fork and knife. I'm serious! I'm a typical Chinese and I seldom eat western food and therefore kinda rusty with it. LOL

Back to the food, they serve western food there and the prices are somehow more expensive than other cafes but worth it or not, you better try at least once! =D

Almond Latte VS Tiramisu Latte cost RM9.90 each.

The coffee is really tasty and it becomes one of my favorite coffee besides Starbucks. And since Sibu doesn't have Starbucks, Italian coffee can somehow compensate my crave and desire! LOL. But anyone of you who see me drinking coffee at night please stop me with whatever methods since I opened my eyes big big until 3+am after the Latte that night. I was totally exhausted the next day since I had to work!! T^T

Grill Whole Chicken Leg (Black Pepper/Brown/Mushroom source) -- RM18.90

I ordered this and it was so hard to eat. It doesn't mean that it's not tasty but I really dunno how to use fork and knife to... err... cut the meat down. And I made a lot of noise while trying to... err.. cut the meat. LOL. At the same time, there was no other customers and I guessed the boss and the chef must be annoyed by me!! LOL

Grill COD Fish -- RM22.90

My friend ordered this and I got try some, it tasted good!! However, my friend said that she's tired of eating it. It might be tasty with small amount but once you ate too much of it, you lost your appetite. Oh ya, the wedges were simply the best wedges I've ever eaten. LOL!!

Feel free to visit Wonderful cafe or Italian Coffee!! It worth! =)

Monday, June 4, 2012

Finally I'm Updating. =P

Hi all. I'm back from outer space after I neglected my dearest blog for more than 2 months! And it got soooo damn quiet here. Guess I should spend more time on my blog after this since I've terminated my business and I got more free time to actually take care of my blog! Well, I've been delaying and postponing and procrastinating my update due to my laziness. >.< But speaking the truth, I've been really busy for these two months.

First of all, I got my job offered from BP Healthcare Group at around April. After my vacation at Kuching during the early April, I went to KL alone for pre-job training. WOW! Can you imagine that? A coward person like me (at least I think that I'm chicken-hearted) went to KL alone for training!! Totally alone. Took the flight alone and stayed in hotel alone (for the first week)! It's such a great challenge for me and I felt really great to accomplish the task at last!!

However, I'm really lucky enough to meet nice people there. First of all would be my ex-coursemate, Carl Miew who came and met me on the first day I reached KL. Thanks for your care and you really calmed me down while I was trying my best to stay calm. LOL. Then, it would be my another ex-cousemate, Kim Loong who brought me out for several times for either dinner (even to PJ just for Nasi Lemak) or classes. And I got to meet new friends too! ^^

Believe it or not, I met Zhang Jue Long (a Malaysian singer) in real person!! I even talked to him and shared my thoughts with him! o.O 

Then, it would be my colleagues at SC Cheras especially Yik Ping who brought me for lunch almost everyday and Shin Yee who taught me a lot of things. Shin Yee has totally changed my view of KL people with her friendliness (which I always heard from others that KL people is realistic and hard to get along with). She drove me to the malls and treated me SUSHI!!! How nice!! T^T Too bad I didn't take any photos with them. =(

After that, it's my room mate, Shuhada's turn and also her colleague, Ng from Mentakap Lab. Not to forget the tiny Nisa from Batu Pahat. They came Cheras for training too during the second week of my training. From then on, I have mates to go shopping and dinner-ing. LOL. I'd been eating alone for the first week since I was all alone after work. LOL. With new mates, they brought me to malls, taking bus/taxi/LRT/monorail. It was tiring but I was happy!! Ok, I miss them very much now. ='(

Ng, me, Nisa & Shuhada. ^^

There were a lot of nice food over there but I think I should compile all the food in one entry. Maybe my next post? Stay tuned. =D

After staying three weeks over there, I came back to Sibu and started working immediately. At first, I was really having a difficult time to get used to the new environment since there are so much differences between SC Cheras and DC Sibu. However, I think I can cope with it pretty well now especially after I got closer with my colleagues especially the sot sot Shin, cool cool Chen and funny Wendy. LOL. I hope they are not reading this entry or else I'm gonna be beaten up by them. =P

Then, I was busy jaga-ing my shop at night until I finally terminated my business on 31st of May which means that I am absolutely free as long as I'm back from work. I'm finally FREE after almost three years suffering from being forced to jaga kedai as long as I had free time. Feel sooo released! The feeling is just... well, fail to look for a suitable word to describe it. LOL.

Ok, back to my job. The post is called MLT (Medical Lab Technologist) and basically what I need to do is to sell the packages available, do the registration, draw blood (the most challenging part for me since I have not undergone any training about this before) and also do some lab works. Sometimes, I help to do some machine tests such as ECG, Audiogram, LFT, BCA and BMD. Not to say a tough job but it requires us to be very careful while handling with the blood to avoid some contagious diseases. Common sense right, LOL.

Oops, it's getting late! Guess I have to sleep now since I still have to work tomorrow. I'll update my blog more often and hopefully anyone who's patient enough to read my blog until the end could do me a flavor by clicking the nuffnang ads either on the top of this page or the right bar. THANK YOU!! Good night!! ^^

P/S: Could anyone tell me why is there a window popping out asking for username and password while loading the page!? What the hell is happening to my blog!!! >.<