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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Makan Makan At Wonderful Cafe (Italian Coffee)

So, how many of you are actually a coffee maniac who acts really wild without coffee in a day? Well, I'm definitely not such kind of people. I'm not craving for coffee for most of the time, and I never order coffee at kopitiam. Normally I order coffee at cafe or restaurant. I'm not a coffee lover, not even a gourmet to comment about the taste but I simply feel that coffee offered at cafe or restaurant (For example, Starbucks) is tastier. LOL

Sibu people should know the existence of Italian Coffee which is previously located at Jalan Pedada (near Sunday market, which is now MF Cafe) since it faces one of the main roads in Sibu. Then, I found it disappear one day and I thought it's closed! And I was like : Aiya, how come close? I don't even have chance to visit at least once! =(

Ok, then, I found it surprisingly near Wonderful market (near Giant as well) and I became like : Aiya, rupa-rupanya it's not closed but moved!! LOL XD

The Wonderful Cafe located at ground floor was a place for alcohols and snacks. If you wish to have food or coffee, it's actually located at the first floor! We went into Wonderful Cafe and found the environment was really too weird then we asked the waitress whether they serve food or not and she told us that it's at first floor. LOL

Wonderful lighting =)

Wonderful ideas =)

Wonderful decoration =)

Wonderful wine o.O (Either red or white wines!)

The environment there is just so amazing and comfortable together with the nice songs which can definitely comfort your stressful mind!You can also order wines and slowly sip it bit by bit imaging that you are from higher society. LOL.

Ok, that doesn't apply on me because
1) I don't drink wines and
2) I never can eat western food in an elegant way.

My fingers are meant to hold chopsticks but not fork and knife. I'm serious! I'm a typical Chinese and I seldom eat western food and therefore kinda rusty with it. LOL

Back to the food, they serve western food there and the prices are somehow more expensive than other cafes but worth it or not, you better try at least once! =D

Almond Latte VS Tiramisu Latte cost RM9.90 each.

The coffee is really tasty and it becomes one of my favorite coffee besides Starbucks. And since Sibu doesn't have Starbucks, Italian coffee can somehow compensate my crave and desire! LOL. But anyone of you who see me drinking coffee at night please stop me with whatever methods since I opened my eyes big big until 3+am after the Latte that night. I was totally exhausted the next day since I had to work!! T^T

Grill Whole Chicken Leg (Black Pepper/Brown/Mushroom source) -- RM18.90

I ordered this and it was so hard to eat. It doesn't mean that it's not tasty but I really dunno how to use fork and knife to... err... cut the meat down. And I made a lot of noise while trying to... err.. cut the meat. LOL. At the same time, there was no other customers and I guessed the boss and the chef must be annoyed by me!! LOL

Grill COD Fish -- RM22.90

My friend ordered this and I got try some, it tasted good!! However, my friend said that she's tired of eating it. It might be tasty with small amount but once you ate too much of it, you lost your appetite. Oh ya, the wedges were simply the best wedges I've ever eaten. LOL!!

Feel free to visit Wonderful cafe or Italian Coffee!! It worth! =)


  1. it is too expensive!!! personnaly i don't think i can afford to eat such expensive meal é.é

    1. That's why I said you can visit it once in a blue moon! Especially after you got your salary at the early month! :D

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