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Friday, February 25, 2011

In Love With Papercraft: My Roomate's Addicted Too!

Param with the papercraft doggy she built!
Meet my cute roomate, Param who is addicted to papercraft like me too!! Last night, when I got frustrated that I couldn't get connected to my broadband, she came back from class and started cutting the paper. That made my hands itchy! I also wanna build my own papercraft!!Too bad it's too expensive to print at koperasi. =(
This is the final look of the innocent doggy. I had contributed to its ears. As I've said just now, my hands were itchy so cannot stand. LoLz. We had spent whole night investigating how to combine every components. There is instruction but it's in Japanese. And I can't understand Japanese!!
 The pity look of the doggy! It looks fine this way. But when you turn to its buttock...
Tada~ There is a hole at the back there. We dunno how does it look like actually so just simply leave a hole there. Param said that's for it to sh*t! Wuahahahaha.. Esther even said that if the doggy really sh*t then Param as the owner has the responsibility to clean the apartment.LoLz. I think they are just too cute! =P

Another thing is that Param gave it to me for remembrance after I've graduated! Thanks a lot Param!! Or should I name it Param? Thanks for being such a nice and friendly roomate! She'll be my first and last roomate in my uni life! =X

You can get the template from Kei Craft.
It's in Japanese. If you don't understand Japanese then just simply click lar~ I can't understand it as well. =X

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