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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Biotech Final Year Students' Photo

There was a photo-shooting session for Biotech final year students last Monday. There are 90+ students but only 29 were able to show up. Where are the rest?? Some were busy in the lab, some waited for too long and gave up the chance, some were very 'cool' to say that they didn't like to take photos! We are from FSTS but we took photo at FIT. For me, I didn't know that we were going to take photo on that day so I didn't wear pretty pretty lar~! Haha. Can you see where am I in the photos??
 There are names below so I think you can easily find me!
 A candid one! Where am I??
 ~Busy posing~
I love this one. =)
Credit to Su Sin Ling for scanning the photos and also Hua Sien for uploading them to FB.
P/S: I got the photos from Hua Sien. =P 


  1. i also love the last one..(but the top photo) =P
    sad that our course don't have a photo that have all of us.. feel so 'ke xi' lo..

  2. Huasien, if there's any dinner then we must force everyone to go so that we can get everyone together! =D

  3. lol. how to force.. some ppl will not go de.. @@

  4. Then we force those we think important de lar! Need to take photo to memorize de! haha..

  5. hmmm....No rebekah inside.='((

  6. Wei.. Don't remind me of the sad thing. She'll be in my heart forever. =)


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