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Saturday, February 19, 2011

I Hate Spiders!!

I used to neither love nor hate spiders. However, an incident happened today and I just wish to shout out loudly :"I HATE SPIDERS!!"

I went back to my campus to take some of my clothes this afternoon and on my way to SugarBun to 'dabao' my lunch, I saw something moving at my window. Since I was driving at that time so it took me some times to really 'see' the moving creature. And GOSH! It's a spider!! I got so panic that I tried so hard to control myself from screaming. I was released once I confirmed that the spider was actually outside the window but not inside!
Can you see the spider?? Although it was outside, it's sooo disgusting to see it moving here and there. I tried to speed up to 'blow' away the spider but it hide under the shade of the window. I tried to open and close the window in a very fast way to scare the spider away too but it just didn't wanna go away!! So, I decided to use an umbrella to grant it an easy death once I reached SugarBun.
When I stopped by a traffic light, the spider quickly climbed and hide into the hole shown in red!! That means that my plan has failed miserably!
When I think of that my left window is broken and cannot be closed completely, I got panic once again thinking that there might be spiders or other creatures hiding at any corners of my car!! Damn it!! I should have asked my brother to send my car for repairing last time!! Grr...!! I hope the stupid spider has gone away by now!!

And when I looked for information about spiders on Google, I found this:

Oh my GOSH!! A bird-eating spider!! It makes me shriek like a little schoolgirl!! The website says that this is rare, but it does happen.


  1. wa. be careful when driving , sounds so dangerous when you are chasing away spider while driving.

  2. I'm more scared with the spider at that time. But luckily I won't drive fast lor! And those photos were taken when I stopped by d traffic light. LoLz..


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