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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My Valentine 2011

How's your valentine?
Mine was quite enjoyable! =D
After lunch, I received a call from an unknown number
Asking me to go to FSTS lobby to get 'something'!
This is the 'something' from an unknown person!!
I really dunno who's that person!!
But the only one I could think of is my 'angel'!
Betul atau Salah??
~Inside the card~
The writing seems familiar you know.. hmm...
At night, I went out with Joan and Hua Sien!
First, we went for dinner!
We went to The WoodHouse for dinner!
Quite a nice place with dim light and romantic song! LoLz..
Hua Sien promoting the restaurant!
Joan promoting the restaurant!
Cute Hua Sien with the flower!!
P/S: Obviously the flower was from the table behind her~ =X
Pretty short hair Joan with the flower!!
Flower is pretty, my dear Joan is prettier!! =D
Then, it was photo shooting time~ LoLz..
This's what I ordered. Butter Onion Chicken Rice!
This's what Hua Sien ordered. Pineapple Chicken Rice??
I dunno the name.. =P
And this's Joan's fried rice!
Kailan with oyster sauce~
~Our drinks~
After dinner, we went to Hills for shopping.
The big rabbit statue located at Hills!
Then, we went to Taman Sahabat with the hope to catch some couples we know. LoLz.
Err.. Cheng Ho without his head. Hahaha.. Too dark lar~
The scene at the bridge there!! Quite pretty right??
Then, we went home and I found another surprise!!
Ta da!! Chocolate from my angel!!
Yohoo~ Thanks my angel!!
Gonna thank you face to face once I know who you are~
That's all for my Valentine 2011!


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