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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Makan Makan at Da Light!

It has been a long time since I last went to Da Light for makan makan! Last Thursday night I went there again with my dear Joan Tang for dinner. Throughout my almost three years at Kuching, everytime I went to Da Light I ordered food from the same stall.
This is the stall I mentioned. It's named China Specialties. The boss is from China with obvious China tone. LoLz. The guy inside the stall showed in the picture is the boss. He is quite friendly and the food is not expensive as well! =) 
 Prawn Rice - RM5.00
This is what I ordered and it is always one of my favourite food in Kuching! The quantities have become less if compare to my first year in Kuchig. The fried vege and apple were missing if I'm not mistaken. But it's still my favourite!! The prawn and the egg tasted so good!! Furthermore, I'm an egg lover! =P
Pork Rice - RM4.50
This is what Joan had ordered. I've never ordered this but I've tasted it once or twice. It's tasty as well!
HoneyDew Milk Tea (With Pearl)- RM3.50
Peach Milk Tea - RM3.00
Since we didn't go to Da Light for a really long time so we were surprised to find out that there's a kiosk selling Milk Tea and Waffle! The milk tea tasted good because it is 'kao' enough! LoLz. Hmm.. I think I should start planning when is my next visit to Da Light since I'm going to graduate this year! =D


  1. Aiyer~ u curi take the pic of tauke!

  2. hoho.., you admire the tauke ? he is handsome ha ?

  3. Joan, I din curi curi take pic of tauke but he sendiri show up de oh!!
    Alan, yes I admire his food!! Hahaha..


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