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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Chinese New Year Eve 2011

Cute Isabelle has come to Sibu on Tuesday!!
After she got the stickers from my shop,
At first she put on her legs, then I said:" Don't put on ur legs!"
Then she asked:" Put on face har??"
Then she did what she said. =____=
Even on her mouth!! LoLz..
Today is the Chinese New Year 2011 Eve which is 02/02/2011!
I went back home at around 3pm
and my 2nd brother and sis-in-law were busy preparing the dinner!!
See! My brother Panjang Tie was busy preparing the lemon chicken!!
I helped to prepare this!
At first I still dunno what's this for as it doesn't look or even smell tasty at all..
Then during dinner time I knew its function!!
You can watch the video at the end of this post to get the answer! =)
Fire cracker time!
This indicates that we are ready for dinner!!
Yohoo!! Dinner time!!
This is the time when every family members get to sit down around one table and enjoy our dinner!
90% of the dishes were prepared by my sis-in-law!!
The superwoman Jennifer Wong! LoLz..

Then, we waited until 12am for another round of fire crackers!
Some of the Sibu people are really too rich that they started to play the fire crackers at around 11pm and non-stop until almost 1am!!
They enjoy burning their money huh?? LoLz..
Btw, I found a very.. err.. funny situation..
See! My sister and the cute Isabelle holding hand looking at the fire crackers!!
I dunno why, it really looks funny. LoLz..

This is the fire cracker I recorded!
The people running at the beginning of the video is Panjang Tie!
This is the answer for the dish prepared by me!!
Chinese people believes that this brings prosperity and good luck throughout the year!!
Err, it's 1am already.. I need to sleep already!
So at last, I would like to say:


:) :( ;) :D ;;-) :-/ :x :P :-* =(( :-O X( :7 B-) :-S #:-S 7:) :(( :)) :| /:) =)) O:-) :-B =; :-c :)] ~X( :-h :-t 8-7 I-) 8-| L-) :-a :-$ [-( :O) 8-} 2:-P (:| =P~ :-? #-o =D7 :-SS @-) :^o :-w 7:P 2):) X_X :!! \m/ :-q :-bd ^#(^ :ar!

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