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Monday, May 18, 2009

Baby bunnies!

This morning I heard exceedingly weird sound from the kitchen while I was reading newspaper at the living room. It's neither my hamsters nor the dog. We only have a dog, 5 hamsters and 2 rabbits as pets and I've never heard the rabbits make any sounds! When I went to the kitchen, I saw my parents was grasping a rabbit and there are 4 baby bunnies! The freaking sound was made by the rabbit.. =.="
My mum said that the mamma rabbit was too scared when my dad tried to catch it so it made the weird sound. See! The four baby bunnies without fur~ LoLz!
They were sooooooo hungry that they looked for the milk eagerly. Without their eyes opened wide, they just simply looked for the target aimlessly.

The mamma rabbit was scared and it dared not move. When my mum tried to comfort it, it bited my mum and my mum's finger was bleeding immediately. >.< Bad mamma rabbit.

Sleeping is the best thing to do after you fill your stomach. The baby bunnies feel the same. LoLz. They slept right after the mealtime. See! My mum uses some cotton and unused clothes to keep them warm. Sweet dream baby bunnies. ^^

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Get Drunk

Half drunk me!
It's now 1.48 in the morning. I went to 3C just now and I am almost drunken now. My head is really heavy. LoLz. Anyway, I was really having fun just now with my cousins and friends. I'd sang a lot of songs too. Talk with loud volume until I can't make any sound now. LoLz. Like Donald Duck. Hehe! Oh ya, see my toes below!!
Dirty huh? Stepped by Wen Wen for twice and that's the result. She stepped on me for twice using her high heel! Can you imagine how painful it is!! But don't have to worry, I'd washed my toes now. If not cannot lie on bed. Damn dirty. Lolz. Whatever, I have to sleep now. Tomorrow still have to work. Goodnight~ Muacks! ^^

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Science Fact -- Is shark a mammal?

A Port Jackson Shark's Egg
Is shark a mammal?
Answer from WikiAnswers: They are not mammals! They are cartilaginous fish. Like most fish they breathe through gills and are cold blooded creatures.
Is shark an oviparous or viviparous animal?
Answer fom Wikipedia: It depends on the species. There are three ways in which shark pups are born.
Oviparity: Some sharks lay eggs. In most of these species, the developing embryo is protected by an egg case with the consistency of leather. Oviparous sharks include the horn shark, catshark, Port Jackson shark(As shown in the picture above), and swellshark.

Vivipaity: These sharks maintain a placental link to the developing young, more analogous to mammalian gestation than that of other fishes. Hammerheads, the requiem sharks, and smoothhounds fall into this category.
Ovoviviparity: Most sharks utilize this method. The young are nouished by the yolk of their egg and by fluids secreted by glands in the walls of the oviduct. The eggs hatch within the oviduct, and the young continue to be nourished by the remnants of the yolk and the oviduct's fluids. The whale shark is now considered to be in this category after long having been classified as oviparous.
I was really shocked when I first knew that sharks do lay eggs. I know that whale is the only mammal in the sea but I never want to know how a shark's egg looks like. =.=" After I saw the picture of the shark's egg, I was really like oh my God~ How special it is! I told Jacqueline about this and she was shocked too. After that, my niece showed me her science paper. The question asked them to classify the oviparous and viviparous animals. Her teacher's answer is viviparous and my niece's answer is wrong. But I did see a picture of shark's egg before! It means that sharks do lay eggs! Then I tried to search for information on the internet and I found the answers. Amazing huh? So keep in your mind, shark is not mammal but fish. There are three ways in which shark pups are born, depending on the species! =)

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Love Life

Just now Ing Ming had introduced me about Love Life. At first, I thought she is in love. LoLz. But then, after visiting the website, I found that it's a very meaningful website. Love Life, means to love your life. It's a campaign sponsored by Fan Wei Qi & Hei Ren and such campaign has attracted a lot of celebrities to join it. They appeal so that everyone loves their lives no matter how hard your life could be.
Visiting the website through -->
Watch the video through --> (Celebrities)
Inside the [93 ward], there are kids and youngsters who are unlucky enough to have suffered from cancer. There is a video of three of these unlucky youngsters. Dora, who is a great cello player, is a very cheerful girl who has suffered from cancer for around three years. She doesn't scared of the serious illness but strong enough to cheer other patients up! Another youngsters, Yi Hua (奕华), is a talented kid. She has won the champion for the international ice-skating competition at the age of 11(2007). But now, ice-skating has become a sport which is pretty hard for her to enjoy anymore. The third kid, Jia Wen (家彣), was too late to watch the movie of themselves. On her first visit to the doctor, the doctor diagnosed that she could only have two months of life. But then, she had struggled for one and half years. She was a very intelligent and sensible girl.
Watch the movie through --> (Jia Wen)
After watching the movie, I really feel that life is fragile. I cried. Shh! :X! But then, although we cannot control the length of our lives, we can contol its width and height. It means that we should enrich our lives and enjoy to the fullest. Commiting suicide is the height of folly. Those youngsters are too unlucky to have suffered from such kind of disease, but they still want to live longer. Their only wish is to live longer and not to make the people around them sad. Nowadays, a lot of people who are much healthier and luckier than them but always get so depressed just because of some trivial things. So please, anyone who is reading my blog, love your life, love everyone's life. Life is a gift from God. What we have to do is to appreciate it but not to destroy it. Love Live! ~L~

TMX Project

Halololo~ (My ways of greeting) I'd finished my last paper yesterday noon which meant that I've finished my First Year! Surprisingly, time passes really fast! Last night I was tidying up all my softcopy of notes and then I found these pictures.
Hmm, unknown insect.
I know this one! It's a bee! =P
A grasshopper.
Another unknown insect. =P
A beetle.
Yeah! A butterfly!
These pictures were all taken in the Zoology Museum of FSTS. They were needed to complete our TMX project which assigned us to create a website introducing any parts of FSTS and Zoology Museum is our choice. Do you know how hard we get to take these photos? We have to write a letter to the person-in-charged, wait for her reply, look for the lab facilitators and finally we were allowed to take pictures of a small box of insects only. =.="
Anyway, we were the lucky one because among several goups working on Zoology Museum, we were the only group that was allowed to take the photos. It was because we were the first group to look for the person-in-charged. The moral lesson here is: Efficiency produces higher chances. Haha!
All these photos were taken by using my handphone - SE K770i. Well, not bad huh! This is one of the functions I love most from my handphone. We got quite a high mark for our project. 29/30 if I'm not mistaken. Hiak hiak hiak! And my overall mark for TMX = A! Yeah! Hopefully I can get more As and get the JPA scholarship! God bless! ^^

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Exam Weeks!

I'm facing my exam weeks now. That's why I seldom update my blog nowadays. Well, I hate this so much. Who created the first exam in the world? Step out, I wanna treat him something. LoLz.
Ola~ Come on! Sh*t is here!
I'm really depressive for the exam. I still have two papers left. Statistics II on Monday and General Chemistry II on Wednesday which means that I am totally free on Wednesday by 5.00pm. Then I'll be back on Friday morning. Before going through all the exams, I am really depressive now. Like the rabbit below...LoLz..
Everyday wake up early in the morning to do revision until night. I wonder will I faint one day?
My mind is full of revision stuff. Please, time passes faster. I wanna go back to Sibu! LoLz.
One important thing, pray hard for good result. Like the tiny cat shown below.
Yeah, I want As! A lot of As! Hopefully the result of this semester won't be too much differrence from last semester. Thanks! Praying... In Jesus's name, Amen!
Well, after talking nonsense for some while, I need to do my revision again. The next post will be a happier me after the exam! Wuahahahahaha! Time, passes faster!!