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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Exam Weeks!

I'm facing my exam weeks now. That's why I seldom update my blog nowadays. Well, I hate this so much. Who created the first exam in the world? Step out, I wanna treat him something. LoLz.
Ola~ Come on! Sh*t is here!
I'm really depressive for the exam. I still have two papers left. Statistics II on Monday and General Chemistry II on Wednesday which means that I am totally free on Wednesday by 5.00pm. Then I'll be back on Friday morning. Before going through all the exams, I am really depressive now. Like the rabbit below...LoLz..
Everyday wake up early in the morning to do revision until night. I wonder will I faint one day?
My mind is full of revision stuff. Please, time passes faster. I wanna go back to Sibu! LoLz.
One important thing, pray hard for good result. Like the tiny cat shown below.
Yeah, I want As! A lot of As! Hopefully the result of this semester won't be too much differrence from last semester. Thanks! Praying... In Jesus's name, Amen!
Well, after talking nonsense for some while, I need to do my revision again. The next post will be a happier me after the exam! Wuahahahahaha! Time, passes faster!!


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