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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Get Drunk

Half drunk me!
It's now 1.48 in the morning. I went to 3C just now and I am almost drunken now. My head is really heavy. LoLz. Anyway, I was really having fun just now with my cousins and friends. I'd sang a lot of songs too. Talk with loud volume until I can't make any sound now. LoLz. Like Donald Duck. Hehe! Oh ya, see my toes below!!
Dirty huh? Stepped by Wen Wen for twice and that's the result. She stepped on me for twice using her high heel! Can you imagine how painful it is!! But don't have to worry, I'd washed my toes now. If not cannot lie on bed. Damn dirty. Lolz. Whatever, I have to sleep now. Tomorrow still have to work. Goodnight~ Muacks! ^^


  1. luckily u got wash... if not i will help u to join the LCA together with R as member... La Cha Association... Wahaha

  2. Aiyo~ Sure got wash lah! If not how to sleep oh!

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