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Monday, August 27, 2012

#1 Doggy's incident

The above incident happened during Hari Raya where I was pity enough to work half day. Since ABX wasn't working so we couldn't draw blood to ensure the quality of result. Therefore, when I saw the doggy, I was so happy and went out to play with it. And it really ate its own poo right in front of me!! Swt!

And I couldn't show that I'm flustered since I think it's quite rude especially in front of the owner who's a kind and friendly elder. So I slowly moved towards my office while I was still chit-chatting with her. LOL.

Btw, why does doggy eat its own's poo??

I tried to google and found the below explanation.

1. Maternal behavior
- To keep the environment clean and to prevent the scent to be discovered by other animals which will expose them to a dangerous condition

2. Imitation
- Doggy tends to imitate what it sees especially when it sees other dog cleaning the poo by eating it.

3. Inappropriate punishment
- Punishment by the owner caused the doggy to be scared and it tends to destroy the evidences!!

4. Absorption problem
- Doggy might have absorption problem and therefore it treats the poo as food since it's not absorbed completely.

5. To attract attention
- It thought that it successfully attracts the owner's attention when the owner scolds or punishes when it eats poo.

Lessons: Don't abandon your dog if it eats its own poo!! LOL

Wonder why am I updating this entry since it's sooo meaningless. Haha. Btw, time to sleep! Good night world! =D

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Selamat Hari Raya!!

Very soon, it's every Muslim's big big day!! It's HARI RAYA~~ Oh ou oh Balik Kampung~~!! Ok, I'm now at my own's "kampung" updating this entry. Spent a little time to draw the above picture to welcome the festival. And it actually speaks out my mind. GIVE ME FOOD!! I want all those curry, beef rendang so badly!! Can't wait until tomorrow!! LOL

Holiday has come but it's not for me. I still have to work tomorrow, Monday and even Tuesday. However, by working for that three days, I'll be entitled for 3 days replacement leaves!! By that time, I've collected enough replacement leaves for my vacation on coming October!! I'm going to KL and Singapore with classmates during secondary school! Hooray~ Can't wait for that! I need to relax to the max and get motivated to enjoy my life more! =D

This year, I have Malay colleagues which means that I HAVE HOUSES TO VISIT!! I want to eat all the delicious food! Can't wait can't wait I just can't wait for that!! Damn excited right now. I better calm down so that people won't be suspicious on my mental health. XD

A slight degression, Casandra's wedding on last Wednesday!!

Actually I'm intended to write about her wedding but
1. I don't have time. (10%)
2. I am lazy. (90%)

Me with the invitation card. =D

I had campaign that day at Standard Chartered bank and I reached home later than 6.30pm!! Rushed to bath and applied simple make up then my papa fetched me to the restaurant with motor and without helmet!! My dad asked me not to wear helmet to prevent my hair from becoming messy but in fact the strong wind made me look completely mangled out. Oh NO~~~

Reached there, found that the bride and bridegroom were still standing at the main door welcoming every friends and relatives. I felt so relieved and ran towards them to shake hand and entered the restaurant looking for my table. When I just sat down, the dinner started. THANK GOD I AM NOT LATE!!! T^T

Me with the bride!! We know each other since primary school!! More than 1o years!

However, we are not classmates. She's from the RED class and I was from BLUE class. And I forgot how we got so close at that time! LOL

Everyone from RED class EXCEPT ME!! I'm a spy!! XD

Wish her happy forever in her married life and wish everyone SELAMAT HARI RAYA!! =D

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Crazy Phlebotomy!

Phlebotomy, by looking at the term alone, you might not have any idea on what's it about. At least for me, when I first reading this term, I have no idea at all and I have to ask Uncle Google for it. I know I'm laoya lah! Haiya!

If you ask Wikipedia, it will tell u that phlebotomy is the process of making an incision in a vein. Wikipedia

So if I were to explain this term, I would say that it's a technique to draw blood. LOL.

I got to learn about phlebotomy while I was undergoing training at Cheras and that would had to be traced back to April this year. Ms Wong, my teacher had done a great job by not showing anger to me although I failed miserably for uncountable times. And during that time, I drew blood for most FOMEMA who came in. I was so pitiful of them. LOL

Actually the purpose of this entry is just to show how the awesome Dr. Yew performed the phlebotomy on his own's hand without any help. Enjoy watching the video and hopefully I can perform the same technique in future!! Well before that, I need to be brave enough to take my own's blood! =D

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Blessed Moments...

P/S: There're still not much photos to be posted because I lost my card reader due to not updating for a prolonged period. I'm too busy to update. I rather spend my time watching drama than not to scratch all my dandruff down. XD

As promised, I should write about my birthday here but... WITHOUT MUCH PHOTOS. =P

It had to be traced back to last Wednesday for the first celebration.

I went to play badminton with my colleagues, Chen and Shin together with Shin's friend. Normally after the game, we'd go for dinner together. And usually, we'd had a hard time discussing where to eat. For the first time, they didn't talk about where to eat but directly got into own's transports and headed to the direction where I had no idea where they were going to.

I even asked Shin in the car :" Hey, where are we going? "

She answered :" Secret recipe. "

I replied :" Why? We've just finished playing badminton and now we're going to a restaurant with air-cond!? "

She remained silent. And I smell something fishy!

We ended up going to secret recipe to take the cake, and headed to Wan Lin Restaurant for dinner. To my surprise, another colleague, Edith and her son joined us for dinner there! Ok, I almost confirmed that they were going to celebrate my birthday at that time. =D

My first chocolate flavor cake. Thank you guys~ =D

Now, back to my actual birthday which falls on August 9, Thursday for the year 2012. Early in the morning, I received two gifts. One from Wendy, one from Kathleen. Will show the gift at the end of this post. =D

Noon time, I went upstair to do lab work as usual. When I got down, I tried to settle everything since my manager was on-leave that day. Suddenly, Wendy called me from the ECG room. When I entered the room, I saw her squatting near the laminating machine and seemed like trying to figure out something. I checked and found nothing, then I wanted to go out to get my job done. Wendy pulled me and said that she's scared that the machine'll explode and wanted me to stay with her. My dear Wendy, that sounded too ridiculous!! LOL

Lastly, when I went out, I saw the cake with candles lighted on it.

I was named PINK at that moment. LOL Thank you girls!! ^^

At night, I received another cake from Joyful!! And that was the peary cake I uploaded on my facebook!


Then, we went to Sushi Tie together with Pick Zhi and Jacky. Had a great meal there and I was so happy with my birthday this year! ^^

Had another celebration on Saturday with family members. My lunar birthday falls on coming Tuesday and my dad's on Saturday so we celebrate at once. Went for dinner with my whole family last night and received a lot of presents! =X
Custom made cards from my nephew Lawrence and niece Elaine.
Love you all too~~ ^^

Presents from friend and colleagues.

See the L'OCCITANE hand cream!? That's my birthday present from Karen all the way from Kuching! My first ever birthday present for this year as well since she passed it to me during July! So touched. T^T The book was from colleagues who celebrated birthday with me on the first night. The cute Patrick was from Wendy and the cup with Happy Birthday on it was from Kathleen. Thank you guys! So grateful to have you all as around me!! T_______T

Presents from Bro Vincent and Sis-in-law Sharon from Kuching.

Another present sent all the way from Kuching. Couples watches for Papa and me. Papa was so happy that he wore it once he got it. Haha. Of course, not to forget a big angpaw from Jennifer!! =D

A birthday gift from me myself!!

Lastly, a birthday gift from me myself!! Wanted the D'Moore set for so long and finally I bought it as a birthday gift for myself!! It costed me around 1k for these six products and I so gonna eat grass until next month! Anyone wanna treat me!? =D

As long as it's effective to cure my pimples scars then money is never a problem for me! Have to be determined to fight against the pimples! =S

Btw, it's definitely an enjoyable moment in my life! Thank you everyone who wish me no matter through sms or facebook, just a big thank to all of you! Great to have you all! ^^

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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Happy Birthday!

What a blessed birthday for this year! 
You see the Peary cake I got!?

Thank you everyone and I'll share more on next post!
Need to get all the photos first! =D