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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy Birthday To Karen!

Today is March 16 which is Karen's birthday! Although it is already 12 something now but just treat it as March 16 lar since I've not sleep yet! Haha! Too bad I come back to Sibu today so can't celebrate with her on the actual day so we had a simple and crazy celebration on last Monday!

First, we went for dinner at Ipoh Town!
The Menu
I have never come to Ipoh Town so I simply ordered the same food with Karen since she said that the Nasi Lemak there is super nice!
Ta da! Nasi Lemak at RM6.90!
P/S: I don't really love it and I din finish it. =X

Next station is K Box @ The Spring!!
I am very out-dated one! I NEVER go to K Box before and that's my very first time!! Wuahahaha~ =P
And I saw this at the counter. I really wish to go for Della's mini concert!! Anyone's interested to go together? I only wanna go for the mini concert. Although other activities look fun, not enough budget lar.. =X

Then, when we went inside the room...
This big big bear surprised me! Too bad I kept reminding myself to take a photo with the bear but I still forget at last!! Karen said we were like school kid in the classroom! Especially when you look around the surroundings.. We were surrounded by A LOT OF BEARS!!
Colorful yet cute bear bear wallpaper!!
As my dear Joan commented before, the room is slightly smaller and the TV is small as well!! Honestly I can hardly see the words. Haha.
We sang from 8pm until 1am! Reached hostel at around 1.30am and I just can't wait to SLEEP because I had class at 9am on the next day. By the way, Karen Lau, I wish that you do enjoy yourself on that day and once again HAPPY BIRTHDAY and all the best with your studies!! Don't stress too much and if you need to de-stress you can look for me anytime! =)


  1. LOOK at u more stress la..
    A super genius in front, lagi stress!

  2. Haha.. I'm a normal student oso ler! Blerk!
    I can bring her out to crazy crazy mah! =X


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