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Thursday, March 17, 2011

From Shih Tsu to Chihuahua!

Before I share about the Shih Tsu, let's talk about what I've done today. I went to Angellilyfashion this morning and bought few fake eyelashes. Then I tried to apply it when I was going out to Parkson since I'm gonna wear it during Biotech Dinner next Friday. So I need to practise for perfect application. However, with louzy skill, the fake eyelashes kept dropping.. T.T
See! They looked super not natural and both ends were dropped already.. T.T

Ok, let's move to the main topic which is about the doggy!! My friend has a Shih Tsu named Ah Shi. I've introduced it in this blog before and if you have never read it before you can click HERE to read. That was when it was still young!

Today I brought Ah Shi to Moshi Moshi Pet House to cut its hair since its hair was super messy. The pet house is located near Medan Mall with the detailed address: Sublot 19 in Lot 908 & Lot 909, Block 7, Sibu Town District. Tel: 084-321921. The people there asked us to go back after 2 hours. And guess what happened??
It went from a Shih Tsu to a Chihuahua! LoLz.. The hair is toooo short!! ><
The cutting fee is RM60 but we are quite satisfied with the result since the long hair is really hard to handle! Well, I guess its name should be change from Ah Shi to Ah Hua already! =P


  1. OMG! totally diff liao leh!

  2. Hahaha.. I was really shocked when I saw it this afternoon. Becomes botak liao. Wuahahaha..


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