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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Love The Moments Spent With You!

Huasien, Joan and I may be considered as "out-dated" because we are really sooo poor in our makeup skills! Therefore, we decided to practise practise and practise to improve our makeup skills. First of all, we have limited makeup stuff. So we went to The Spring yesterday for shopping since Nature Republic has promotion and it's really CHEAP!! That's why we spent more than 2 hours in the shop. =X
Sleeping Tonight Rose Sleeping Pack - RM29.90  RM23.92
Maxi Power Sparkling Eyeliner - RM41.90 RM29.33
Ice Jelly Primer - RM28.63 (I forgot the actual price already, should be RM40+)
5 Derma Source Collagen Solutionmask - RM7.90 Buy 2 Free 1 so I got one for RM5.30

Those were what I bought yesterday! Cost me a total of RM87+! We went out for whole day yesterday. Although we were tired, we didn't give up for practising! After bath, we all gathered at Joan's room again and start 'painting' on our faces! Well, the process was full of laughters and we took photos for more than 1 hour I think. =P

Ok, let's see the result! =P

Credit to my dear Joan's iPhone!! I just realize that a front camera is essential!! =D
These photos were edited by me. I only add the LOMO effects and the wordings oh! Ok or not? Haha..

After the trio, it's duo! Haha..
I have not much photo taken with my dear Joan Tang because I don't really love to take photos at public place! I prefer to self-camwhore at room. I love this pic a lot!!

Then, my solo! =P
With THICK lips.. Haha..

Then, a combination of each solos~
I love this photo a lot!! Gonna 'cuci' it out and put inside my wallet! Haha! Guys, when's our next gathering? *winks*


  1. Hahaha! Really not used to seeing Joan with make-up...But kudos to you girls...did a great job ahahaha

  2. You are praising or being sarcastic?? Haha! Anyway, thx! =P

  3. OMG! Wil, why u are here.zzzzz
    i also not used to see my face with make up.
    I prefer natural me.='(

  4. Walao eh. Dear. Don't let me see u spend money on makeup stuff har!! -__________-

  5. LOLS why can't i be here?? Nvm, you just keep wear your make-up then you'll get used to it. Oh btw, how recent is the pic lol, coz Joan ur cheeks looks so chubby hahahah

  6. Seriously?? Don't say like that. She's gonna skip her 3 meals dy. That pic taken last Saturday.

  7. KNS wil, go away!
    I still hv my CHIN~

  8. Yalor! My dear Joan's face shape is super pretty one!!

  9. Hahaha, i said chubby only lehh,not fat...chubby is good! healthy!


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