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Saturday, March 5, 2011

New Books!

I bought new books last Thursday night when I went to Boulevard's Popular. I'm quite interested in these kind of books although it's boring sometimes. However, they can be so meaningful too! Reading stories and lessons inside make you think more positively. You will face a brand new day with full energy and they can even help to make you think deeply about your true self and further improve your relationships with your friends.

Since I have its member card so the promotion item got 20% off and the other one got 10% off! Not really expensive! I'm currently reading "How Would You Grade Yourself Today" then will be the another one's turn. Friends out there, if you are interested you can borrow them from me! But you have to wait for me to finish them first. Besides, MUST take good care of my books oh! If not I will definitely 'change face' at you! Haha..


  1. ah.. i want i want !! Lolz.. I will treat them NICELY de.. =D

  2. Haha! No prob! I lend you so many books dy mah! Know you will treat them good good de! Haha..

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