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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

He Is Originally A She!!

This sexy guy is called Balian Buschbaum who was a German pole vaulter. He is born 14 July 1980 in Ulm. His former name was Yvonne Baschbaum while he was still a she.

Bauchbaum's personal best is 4.70 metres, achieved in June 2003 in Ulm. This ranks Buschbaum second among German pole vaulters, only behind Annika Becker. On November 21, 2007 Buschbaum annouced his retirement from the sport due to a persistent injury and the desire to begin gender reassignment!

In January 2008, Buschbaum annouced that his new first name was "Balian", after the blacksmith in the movie Kingdom of Heaven, and that he would undergo gender reassignment surgery later that year.
These photos were taken before gender reassignment.

And these photos were taken after gender reassignment.

When I first viewing his pictures I was like, OH MY GOSH!! How could that be?? He is sooooo super duper handsome after gender reassignment and he looks like an absolutely real man! Can you imagine that he is originally a woman? Just look at the body and the muscle, he is much more handsome than many other real men! However, I'm curious about his sound. Haha! By the way, in case you are curious of which type of men I'm interested in and why do I share this post, the reason is that he is just my type!! =X
Balian Buschbaum


  1. o.O you like handsome muscle man har.. Now only I know.. Lol

  2. Not really lar~ I love those with 男人味 wuahahaha.. jz kidding. =P but he's really handsome!! =P

  3. Hahaha! Damn! He is even more handsome than those real man!
    But i don like his muscular~ lol

  4. Handsome hor.. I'm kena 'shocked' by the fifth pic.. Hahaha.. The muscle still ok lar! Look like 'sunshine guy' mah.. hahaha..

  5. Calling him 'not a real man' is extremely offensive. Balian IS a real man, but was born with what I'd like to think of as a birth defect of sorts.. being born in the wrong body. All he did was fix this. He is just as real of a man as any other.

  6. Anonymous, thanks for your comment. I'd love to call him a man. A real man. =)


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