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Friday, March 4, 2011

Makan Makan at 101!

First of all, I would like to say: please forget about the 'special things to be shared' which I mentioned in my last post. After these few days of thinking, I really dunno what's the special thing to share. Well, I'm going to introduce you guys something really HO CHIAK!

I went to 101 with my dear Joan last night for dinner. Honestly my main purpose of going to 101 was to eat the Japan Boat Takoyaki! It's been so long time since I last eating it! That was during Kuching Food Festival last year!

Takoyaki is a kind of Japanese snack which has been extremely famous for over 60 years!!

However, when we reached there, we couldn't find it. But we didn't give up, we walked around the places and finally we had found the stall! BUT! It was not opened. T.T So we decided to order our dinner at other stalls.
Sambal Fried Kueh Tiaw - RM5
This was what I ordered last night. It's tasty but too few! I'm an eating monster!! It's spicy some more! Luckily I ordered sugarcane to cool me down! =P Since the Japan Boat Takoyaki stall was not opened at that time, we ordered takoyaki from other stall. 
Takoyaki - RM3.80
I forgot we ordered the takoyaki from which stall already but they didn't taste good. You can see through the color of the takoyaki! I prefer the hangus hangus one! LoLz.. After dinner, we walked around the place again with the hope that the Japan Boat Takoyaki had opened already. Yeah, as we wished, it was opened finally!!
Japan Boat Takoyaki - RM3 per box
That's the one I mentioned! Can you see the dark-colored takoyaki? They tasted damn nice and delicious!I had tried takoyaki for quite many times already but Japan Boat Takoyaki serves the best takoyaki I've ever tried!! You'll definitely regret if you never try it before!! I have to remind you that don't go too early! They will only open at around 6.30pm. So 7.00pm will be the best time! =)
You can visit its website HERE.

While waiting for the takoyaki, we went to a Korean Shop selling all the products from Korea. The shopkeeper is a Korean but her mandarin got a little bit China tone. LoLz..
 See, even all the ice creams are with korean characters on it! I can't understand so I just simply choose one!
Black Current Ice Cream - RM3.40
No comment on the taste. It's just an ordinary ice cream with black current flavor. =P

Everyone out there, try the Japan Boat Takoyaki or you'll regret for sure!!


  1. HAHA, last night i ate whole box of that takoyaki!
    Taste really nice~ i think the special one is its sauce~ hmm. .No doubt! YUM!!

  2. between, u'll gonna miss it badly after u graduate! muahaha..

  3. At first I also think like :" har.. need to eat whole box alone meh.. "
    but one after one.. finish liao still feel not enuff.. -_____________-

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