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Sunday, March 20, 2011

JJ Lin - She Says (My Piano Version!)

No Doubt. I play it, record it, publish it!
It's obvious bah! With louzy skill and poor quality! =P
By the way, I've changed the title to avoid any misunderstanding!
I din sing! It's just a piano version! =)


  1. you mean you play by your own with piano ha ?

  2. Yaya. You're right my dear Huasien! LoLz.. This morning boring boring so play piano lor! LoLz..

  3. wow.. so lihai !! exactly the same with real one leh.. rupa-rupanya you can play piano so well !

  4. Not exactly the same. Got some errors honestly. Haha.. But that's the best version of mine and I'm lazy to record it anymore so just simply pick it lar! =P

  5. You play very well. Did you learn piano before?
    Sorry I browse through your "Song" category, this is the only song I know. hehe... So i click it.
    I like to see cover songs in Youtube.
    I made some music but really sucks haha....


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