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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Japan Boat Takoyaki

Ok, here's another post showing you the Japan Boat Takoyaki in more details. I went to buy the Japan Boat Takoyaki AGAIN last night with my dear Joan Tang. Hahaha.. We were crazy enough right? Rushed to 101 once finished our dinner at Sakura Tower.
This is how the stall looks like. When we reached, the lady boss was still having her dinner so she asked us to walk around and wait for her. One more thing, the lady boss can recognize us already. When we were wondering whether the stall already opened or not, the lady boss shouted at us:" got open!! got open!! " She's so cute! =P
Yeah~ Finally the lady boss was in the picture! I asked her to work seriously but she 'curi-curi senyum'! Haha! To my surprise, she's from Sibu! Same with me! Haih, why don't you open your stall at Sibu? I'm sooo gonna miss the takoyaki when I graduate! =(
Finally, there's a pic of the lady boss with a seirous look! =)
My pretty dear Joan Tang with the super delicious takoyaki!
Then, it's me with the super tasty takoyaki! =P
Nah! Remember how does it look like and

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