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Monday, August 29, 2011

Happy Birthday To Clement + Thank You!!

Happy birthday to Clement!!

Who is Clement? He's my elder nephew! Actually today is his birthday but we had already celebrated his birthday last night. There was BBQ session and he invited his cousins and some of his friends from school.

My super sis-in-law, Jennifer was busy preparing all those dishes since morning yesterday. Can you see? CAN YOU SEE? A lot of FOOD! I was at shop yesterday and I went back just before they were about to eat! Ngek Ngek Ngek..

The left one is the birthday kid, Clement and the right one is his very stylish classmate.

Birthday song singing session!
P/S: My papa's facial expression is funny in this photo. XD

Well, when we all finish singing the song then only we realized we didn't enlighten the candles. Wuahahaha! Stupid enough lar! So we sang one more time. XD

After that, Pokemon time!!

Pokemon cards showing off time.

Pokemon toys showing off time. XD

And pokemon movie time! =P

After dinner, I went back to my shop and waited for time to come to close it. Honestly, I got a little bit pissed off with Clement at that time because he said he didn't want my present. Then I was like, OK lor, later I wanna see the present returned to my room. VERY ANGRY LAR!!

However, when I went back home from work, I saw him playing my present for him happily. At that time, I had the feeling like, YES, I WIN AT LAST!! XD

This is my present for him. A controlled toy car. =)

Those angry birds plush toy are presents from his parents and sister.

These are gifts from his cousins and friends.

All in all, still wish him HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!


Ta da! I got my lens at last! XD

And that's how I look with the lens. Weird not?

One more.
P/S: No hair cut ok. LoLz..





Saturday, August 27, 2011








Thursday, August 25, 2011


词/曲: 韦礼安


害怕重演 在你身上 
怯步 让你失去了方向


我会慢慢等 慢慢等 慢慢等 
慢慢等 慢慢等 慢慢等
等上线 的铃声
慢慢等 等到我都睡著了 

慢慢等 慢慢等 慢慢等
慢慢等 慢慢 慢慢等
等红灯 变绿灯
慢慢等 当你突然觉得冷 
我会握著温暖在 在这里等著

This is a very nice song and it's made especially for Miss Na Na! She loves this song a lot and she always asks me to sing it but I really dunno the whole song. I only remember how the chorus goes. Therefore, I asked her to send me the original song as reference last night, downloaded the piano sheet as well, and started playing the music by piano, recording and singing.

Wu Gui Na Na! Hope you like it lah! Slow slow wait for the 散场的拥抱 oh~ Since we both fail to look for the piano sheet.

I found that I'm addicted of making cover songs. Which will be the next song? =P

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

My Update!

Photo taken few hours ago. XD

P/S: This is only an update of my activities these few days. =)

Hi all, I have been missing for some days. Miss me not? LOL. It's not my fault. My maxis broadband reduces my speed to view pages and guess what, the speed is really slow until I rather not to online. Maybe it's time for me to pay the bill? Oops, it seems to be my own fault after all. Haha!

So, what have I done these few days? I sleep a lot. It's really a lot! I sleep for more than 10 hours a day. That could sound good but the problem is I sleep during day time. I sleep after 3am almost everyday and sometimes I sleep after 5am or even 7am! And I wake up after 3pm. Wuahahaha!

One thing to mention is that I joined the LONGEVITOLOGY course for six nights continuously. It's a very.. erm.. I would call it a magic because we are told that it can cure cancer. Believe it or not? I'm gonna share about my experience in my next post. Stay tuned if you really wish to know how to live longer! =)

I guess that's all for this post. ANYONE please urges me to pay the bill! I can't stand the speed anymore!

Friday, August 19, 2011

失恋如梦--岁月如歌/兄妹 COVER


受过伤 流过泪 心有多少伤感
对人说已放下 有多虚假
内心深怕被看穿 疗伤却需盐巴

深爱过 绝望过 难忘霎那烟花
人都必历悲伤 请坚强 一切并不冤枉

失恋如梦一场 梦一醒 见天亮
无法牵手到白发 祝福其实不差

别为昨日绝望 若内心 如回忆不停播放
请别遗忘 人活在世上 绝非为悲伤
每段解散的情感 皆为了人能活得更灿烂

Monday, August 15, 2011

彩虹 by Jay Chou COVER

Erm, it's my cover of the song 彩虹 (rainbow) by Jay Chou. It's only the front part because I don't know why I always 'slow half beat'! It's my problem or the mic's problem? I recorded since last night, got fed up at last and I decided to share my work here.

In case you are wondering how I made the video, I'm going to share out here.


Ok lar, please read further lar. I beg you lar. XD

First of all, I downloaded the Karaoke from ! It's a very powerful website where there is a lot of karaoke available! However, they are mostly mandarin song. I found the Karaoke for Jay Chou's rainbow last night and the most important thing is that it's for girl! The pitch is higher compare to the original one! Therefore, I decided to make the cover of the song! It's a nice song anyway! =)

Next, I need an earphone together with mic. This is necessary for sure. If you don't have mic, how are you gonna record? Earphone is needed because I am using Cool Edit Pro to record and mix. Btw, this earphone is quite old already. I think I bought it 5 or 6 years ago. I NEED A NEW ONE! XD

After that, I need a TCP to sing. Haha! It's just a joke. Saw my picture on desktop while uploading picture and my mind came out with that statement. LOL It's an old pic anyway. =P

This is a very powerful software too where you can record, edit and mix it. Too sad that I don't know how to edit the sound. I only know how to record and mix the sound. Besides, it can be used to split or cut the part you desire. Very useful right? I've been using it for so long already!

P/S: Now only I realize that Nana's appearing on this picture. XD

Then, I went to google and look for a pretty picture to be the background of the video.

Then, I used Meitu to add the lyrics on the background! =)

Finally, I used Windows Movie Maker to make the video.

That's all how I made my cover video! Hehe! It's my first time uploading my cover song so I would like to know your comment! I'll try to improve also! Thanks in advance! =)


Sunday, August 14, 2011

Makan Makan At Tom's Too @ Delta Mall

Finally, this's another makan makan post! It has been long time since I last wrote about makan makan post right? The very last time I wrote about makan makan was around the end of June which is Makan Makan At Hong Fu! Wow!

This time, I'm gonna introduce Tom's Too which is located at Delta Mall in Sibu. Not really a new restaurant and I have never eat there although it's so near to my house some more! Honestly it's not my target. I always go to Delta Mall just for the Watson over there but tonight, I had my dinner there! =)

The environment is really good. =)

Beware: There's ah gua working there. Just in case you don't like them. XD

And there's a bunch of flower on each table! =)

Chocolate Milk Shake -- RM8.9
Believe me, this is really good!! You should have a try! =)

Spaghetti Bolognese -- RM16.50
Comment: Ok nia. XD

The food there is a little bit expensive for me. But one good thing about Tom's Too is that there is no service charge or government tax applied. Haha! Oh ya, I need someone to sponsor me the food below...


It's just a joke ok. I'm not really into beef actually. The environment and interior design of the restaurant are really nice. You should have a try at least once. Hey, spending money to treat yourself good once in a blue moon doesn't matter lar, right?

Oh ya, I went to the newly opened Giant this morning and took a photo of the Maggie House. XD

Tada! The very huge Maggie House. XD

End this post with a photo of mine.


Friday, August 12, 2011

Cute Wugui Nana!

Erm, that's a true story among us. Peanut (Huasien) came to Sibu last week and I brought her together with Turtle (Nana) for breakfast. When we were going to pay, Peanut asked Turtle to call the waiter but who knows the very sotbalak Turtle shouted :" OI! PAY MONEY! ". LOL

Guess there must be three lines on the waiter's face at that time. 

And the turtle with big legs, that's not my idea. I just imitate how she draws herself on my birthday card. XD

Have you ever done such stupid thing before? XD

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Bling'em Up!

I've been taking care of my shop for two days and today is the second day. I've got nothing to do except watching drama and online-ing. Well, actually there's a lot for me to do such as cleaning the shop, tidying up everything and bla bla bla but I'm too lazy for those jobs.

Today, I bring my necklaces bought from China with me and I modified them by sticking those bling bling stuffs on them! The original look is too dull and plain. Let's have a closer look on the products! =P


Music note. MY FAVORITE! =D

Pink bear face! This's cute too! =D

Red bear. =)

Blue bear. =)

Red deer. =)

Well, that's not the end of this post because there's still a lot of remaining bling bling sticker so I stick em somewhere else. 

Tadaa~ Just like what the bear is saying:" Oh~ Shining! " LOL

In case you don't know what's it therefore I decide to reveal the answer in next photo.

Yaya, it's a JEWELRY BOX! Which I decided to take home at last.

A photo of me with the jewelry box.

ARGH! Beh tahan with my fringe! Gonna cut it soon! =P

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Birthday Celebration -- Part 2

That's my current look. Photo was taken last night. Well, I am tooooo slow to know that I got darker only after looking at the photos. Maybe it's due to the sea breeze when I went to Bintulu beaches. Shouldn't skip the sunblock. Haih. Keep getting fairer and then dark back. NO MORE BEACH!! T^T


Ok, this post is entitled birthday celebration -- part 2 but to be honest, there's not really a celebration at all! Got a little bit disappointed but I got six cakes for my birthday this year! That made me feel better. LoLz!

My first cake was bought by my family. Click Happy Birthday To Us to know more! =)

Went to Bintulu few days ago and my dear Joan Tang celebrated my birthday too! That's my second cake! Click Bintulu Trip to read more! =D

And that's my third cake while celebrating my birthday with a gang of my friends. Click Birthday Celebration -- Part 1 to know more about the celebration! XD

Yohoo~ Angry bird cake! Haha! I thought there's no celebration at all but my friend sent the cake to my house at almost 12am. Very cute right?? XD

What should I comment about this? This is even cuter! Haha! Anyway, it makes me feel young. I look like a little girl kah? Luckily not Hello Kitty ah! >_<

Dang dang dang dang! This's the most special cake I had in my life. All DIY one oh!! It's made by the girls from Manila and I don't know how they made it. I also don't know who made it actually because it was on my table once I came out from toilet. Well, it's such a surprise! Seriously I have to thank them! A lot ok!

Here it comes to the end of this post since my birthday for year 2011 has ended as well. Thanks to the 100+ people who wished me on facebook! Thanks to those who wished me through messages and of course I need to thank piggy Chai Lee who purposely called me and wished me happy birthday from ShangHai. Thanks to a lot of friends who celebrated my birthday with me for example my dear Joan Tang, Nana, Huasien, Mr. Potato, Mei Chee, Suok Ing, Adeline. Special thanks to Joyful Chiong for the Angry Bird cake.