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Monday, August 15, 2011

彩虹 by Jay Chou COVER

Erm, it's my cover of the song 彩虹 (rainbow) by Jay Chou. It's only the front part because I don't know why I always 'slow half beat'! It's my problem or the mic's problem? I recorded since last night, got fed up at last and I decided to share my work here.

In case you are wondering how I made the video, I'm going to share out here.


Ok lar, please read further lar. I beg you lar. XD

First of all, I downloaded the Karaoke from ! It's a very powerful website where there is a lot of karaoke available! However, they are mostly mandarin song. I found the Karaoke for Jay Chou's rainbow last night and the most important thing is that it's for girl! The pitch is higher compare to the original one! Therefore, I decided to make the cover of the song! It's a nice song anyway! =)

Next, I need an earphone together with mic. This is necessary for sure. If you don't have mic, how are you gonna record? Earphone is needed because I am using Cool Edit Pro to record and mix. Btw, this earphone is quite old already. I think I bought it 5 or 6 years ago. I NEED A NEW ONE! XD

After that, I need a TCP to sing. Haha! It's just a joke. Saw my picture on desktop while uploading picture and my mind came out with that statement. LOL It's an old pic anyway. =P

This is a very powerful software too where you can record, edit and mix it. Too sad that I don't know how to edit the sound. I only know how to record and mix the sound. Besides, it can be used to split or cut the part you desire. Very useful right? I've been using it for so long already!

P/S: Now only I realize that Nana's appearing on this picture. XD

Then, I went to google and look for a pretty picture to be the background of the video.

Then, I used Meitu to add the lyrics on the background! =)

Finally, I used Windows Movie Maker to make the video.

That's all how I made my cover video! Hehe! It's my first time uploading my cover song so I would like to know your comment! I'll try to improve also! Thanks in advance! =)



  1. u sure u got c me appear mah?

  2. You no see the 乌龟messaged you at the bottom there meh? Joan ah? Later she said I 亵渎 Jay chou. Haha! Wait I got money then I go buy new de. Haha! Coz this one still can be used ma. XD

  3. o,google chrome...我不是关fb很久了麽?那你应该是很早就开始写blog了

  4. 哈哈,我也不知道,因为我开着都没关.后来想到才去拍照.刚好就拍到了.哈哈哈!

  5. 我不会说你亵渎他,但是,这个歌让我想到一个人罢了!呵呵~哼~~

  6. 是哦?想到谁叻?哈哈哈!哼什么啊.. >_<

  7. 是啦,我每天都是臭的。没有一天是香的

  8. 等下给我嗅一下啊.哈哈哈哈!

  9. 想到某某人~哼~你们2个嗅来嗅去,恶心~

  10. @Joan: 结果我没有嗅到她就被熏了. XD

    @Magdalene: Thank you! =)


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