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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Birthday Celebration -- Part 1

Went to O2 KBox which is located EXTREMELY NEAR to my house last Saturday night. My dear miss Huasien Ling came to Sibu together with me and Miss Nana on that day so it was actually a gathering among Uni friends but who knows it ended up to be my birthday celebration at last.

Before we reached O2 KBox, I knew Huasien and Nana bought me something already but I was really surprise with Mei Chee and Stupid Mushu with the cake and presents. Ok ok, all of you got me OK!

See, that's my reaction. To cover my stupid face with the menu. Yaya, I was busy ordering food at that time. Haha!!

Therefore, I got more and more beh song with the surprise. Haha! No lar, just kidding ok! Well, I also don't know why did I have such facial expression at that time. Btw, I think Huasien looked funny as well. And she kept holding my present. YOU LIKE IT A LOT HAR?? XD

Adeline, Suok Ying (Why did you close your eyes?), pretty Mei Chee, ME, Huasien and stupid Nana. Mestilah dia berdiri tinggi-tinggi! She said she wanna be special a bit. Ok lar, let you win nia lah! Like that more stupid. XD

We sang from around 8pm until almost 2am! Crazy huh? But honestly everyone was so tired already but kept waiting for SOMEONE to stand up and say :" Let's go back! " but NOBODY do that. So we sat there like dead fish waiting for the time to pass. Haha!

P/S: The above pictures were taken from Fam Mun Shun coz he was the camera man. XD

All the gifts I got on that day. A lot hor! Thanks to all of you!! 



  1. i thought u knw liao ler...coz i keep call meiqi c wat time she come bah...haha~w8 she come baru can cut cake bah...

  2. Coz huasien said dunno will mei chee 放飞机 or not so i tot that's the reason u keep calling her lor! Siapa tahu ler! >_<


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