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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Birthday Celebration -- Part 2

That's my current look. Photo was taken last night. Well, I am tooooo slow to know that I got darker only after looking at the photos. Maybe it's due to the sea breeze when I went to Bintulu beaches. Shouldn't skip the sunblock. Haih. Keep getting fairer and then dark back. NO MORE BEACH!! T^T


Ok, this post is entitled birthday celebration -- part 2 but to be honest, there's not really a celebration at all! Got a little bit disappointed but I got six cakes for my birthday this year! That made me feel better. LoLz!

My first cake was bought by my family. Click Happy Birthday To Us to know more! =)

Went to Bintulu few days ago and my dear Joan Tang celebrated my birthday too! That's my second cake! Click Bintulu Trip to read more! =D

And that's my third cake while celebrating my birthday with a gang of my friends. Click Birthday Celebration -- Part 1 to know more about the celebration! XD

Yohoo~ Angry bird cake! Haha! I thought there's no celebration at all but my friend sent the cake to my house at almost 12am. Very cute right?? XD

What should I comment about this? This is even cuter! Haha! Anyway, it makes me feel young. I look like a little girl kah? Luckily not Hello Kitty ah! >_<

Dang dang dang dang! This's the most special cake I had in my life. All DIY one oh!! It's made by the girls from Manila and I don't know how they made it. I also don't know who made it actually because it was on my table once I came out from toilet. Well, it's such a surprise! Seriously I have to thank them! A lot ok!

Here it comes to the end of this post since my birthday for year 2011 has ended as well. Thanks to the 100+ people who wished me on facebook! Thanks to those who wished me through messages and of course I need to thank piggy Chai Lee who purposely called me and wished me happy birthday from ShangHai. Thanks to a lot of friends who celebrated my birthday with me for example my dear Joan Tang, Nana, Huasien, Mr. Potato, Mei Chee, Suok Ing, Adeline. Special thanks to Joyful Chiong for the Angry Bird cake.



  1. happy belated birthday~
    wow, all cakee are nice especially the angry bird cake,so cute!!! i like it :)

  2. fooyoh! then all of us who got go beach all get darker lo!? i oso no sunblock bah~! u still got put on sunblock in car leh! u got ask me want or not hor~

  3. @孤傲的王子: Thanks! I love all the cakes! XD

    @Joan: My dear ah! That time should be very early liao la. No effect anymore lor! I easily become dark de ler!! 我黑得不好看,有些人黑点看起来是健康的,我黑点看起来是肮脏的!! T^T


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