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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Happy Birthday To Us!

I wonder, why do we have two eyes? It causes trouble when applying eyeliner. WHY? After I perfectly applied the eyeliner on my right eye, I always messed up with my left eye. Either one was too thick. Then, I tried to balance the another side and it ended up the thinner side became thicker and with that, it went endless. I HATE THAT! Shit my louzy skill. T^T

Back to the title. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO US! The US refers to Joyful Chiong, my cute daddy and me myself! Joyful's birthday is on 24 July which is today and it's also my dad's birthday according to lunar calendar. Then, WHY ME? My birthday is actually next Wednesday according to lunar calendar so we celebrated it together once only.

Joyful's birthday cake prepared by Sheena and Hie Ming aka my cousin!

Joyful's creamy just-for-fun cake prepared by Manila. 

Last night, we went to Manila to celebrate Joyful's birthday. I reached there at around 10pm and thanks to Pick Zhi for picking me up since I failed to contact my cousin. I was among the earlier group because most of the people came at around 11pm. Not punctual at all!! >_<

Ok, we were not really crazy until it was almost 12am. We were chit-chatting and noticing the people around us to spend the time. They ordered a lot of beers, coca-colas and green teas. Oh ya, I only drank one glass of beer and two tins of green tea. That's all. Not really into beers nowadays. =)

Ah Boy, Joyful, Vincent and Polo Lim.

Can you see how crazy were they last night through that picture? They played it for two rounds because Ivin managed to escape during the first round so they decided to start the second round to make it fair. However, not much pictures were taken by me BECAUSE I WAS BEING ATTACKED TOO! Perhaps I should ask for photos from those Philippines girls.

Can you imagine how would you feel with your fake eyelashes FULL OF CREAM? Honestly, I felt like: EW! I SHOULD BRING MY CLEANSER ALONG. XD

Another thing which I keep reminding myself to write out here is that there was a guy, I don't know who is he but he was brought there by someone I knew and he was really ridiculous. He kept drinking beers and Chivas and finally got drunken and HE KEPT FALLING DOWN. He fell like a tree being cut down with his face on the ground. He fell for three times and the pose was really a bad pose with the chair on his back some more. *Regret for not taking photos of him* LOL

I quite enjoyed last night and I would like to wish Joyful Chiong a very blissful life forever. =)


This post should actually end before the the demarcation line. I was doing my mask while writing this post just now but then someone knocked on my door and it was my sis-in-law, Jennifer Wong asking me to go down for birthday celebration. 

WHAT THE HELL? Celebration with my mask on? 

My dad's White Lady birthday cake. =)

My coffee flavored birthday cake. It's so fantabulous!

And yeah, I did it. A birthday celebration with my mask on. Hahaha! I am really CRAZY!

After the singing and cake cutting ceremony, it's cake grasping time. Look at my sis's expression!! There's supposed to be saliva dropping onto the floor. LOL

Another photo of me with the mask on my face. VERY STUPID. XD

Finally, wish my cute papa and Joyful Chiong



  1. with the mask on... OMFG...


  2. I feel glad to have entertained you. XD

  3. hi =D

    happy B.D for you all =D

    a tip for you : try to do you left eye before and start with a really thin close to your lashes line so if you need to make it thicker it wont be too much , then just follow what you did for the other one .
    and it's totally okay not to make them the same , just try to make them look a like , after your done look at BOTH of them in mirror don't focus on one then on the other cause if you do that will always feel that they are not Equal even if they are .

    hope i helped you with something

    keep smile


  4. 黑皮鸟日!!


  5. tCp: u so fast birthday de meh??haha~~~
    i got birthday cake ma?

  6. @Mary: Thanks for your tips. I think you are right advising me to apply on my left eye first because it's much more easier to 'edit' on my right eye! Argh~ Should have known that earlier!!

    @notty prince not notty: You very notty prince! 我每天都出去哦,每天这样打扮我的脸很快就烂了.而且这样会出名吧?哪里知道等下上报纸哦. XD

    @Nana: 农历的啦!农历的是下拜三,然后今天是爸爸农历生日,所以就以此过庆祝咯.不用浪费钱嘛.做么你要蛋糕?来我家吃咯.不知道吃完了没.我家人口多. XD

  7. Nice cakes! I am cake lover ~~

  8. tcp: 送过来给我,谢谢,sibu很小而已~

  9. @Deonne: Really? No wonder you so excited when we went to 4 Points last time lor! Haha!!

    @Nana: 拜托 你家跟我家很远耶 =.=

  10. 生日快乐!虽然有点迟…

  11. @木薯: 很酷吗?你也可以试试. XD

    @冥の組長: 不迟不迟,我拜三农历生日,阳历8月9日. =)

    @gigitjari: Thanks. =)

  12. 我也祝你生日快乐哦 A_A

  13. @独泪: 谢谢你啊.我也是长这么大第一次这样庆祝.哈哈!那是因为相机不够好,拍不到我的豆豆.而且我有化妆,狂打粉.哈哈哈!


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