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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Big Thank To Ah Toh!

See that? YOU SEE THAT??

You see the SUPER DUPER CUTE LITTLE PEAR pushing the words? Ok, I purposely emphasize on the adjectives. Well, that's so cute! I LOVE IT VERY MUCH!!!

I'm NOT the one who makes it. Special thanks to my very very very creative and artistic junior named Terence for the flash! Not only mine, kindly visit Miss Nana's blog to see his another product. Or visit HERE to reach his blog!

Ok, I also need to thank Miss Nana a lot for teaching me how to upload the flash! Kinda stupid actually. Hahaha! =D

Ooou, I admire those who can draw well, design well very much!! Once again, THANKS TO TERENCE AH TOH!!

P/S: Another photo edited by Ah Toh! Very funny right!! Call me ICHIGO TIE!! XD


  1. hmmm...btm 1 is not a gud edit! LOL...

  2. bottom...ichigo tat 1...hahaha...

  3. Hahahaha!! Call me ICHIGO TIE!! XD

  4. ngong ngiang tie...haha...
    tat is u name...hehe

  5. No no, call me ICHIGO TIE. XD

  6. douzo yoroshiku onegaishimasu

    P/S: 我好像忘了之前学的日文了 =X


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