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Saturday, July 9, 2011

【中国】Part 3: 宝华面店 / 沙河广场 / 万菱玩具精品 / 香岛小筑西餐厅

The very warm morning scene of the street. =P

This was the place we had our breakfast on that day. I googled it and it was recommended from some websites for its popular noodles. Somehow the noodles was ok for me only. Not really delicious and I don't miss it much now. Haha!




The noodles was extremely fine and very hard. Unlike the noodles we have here. However, the noodles was very "Q" and chewy. And the soup was very nice! The soup was made with pork bone, fresh prawns and fish and it tasted so good!!

After that, it was time for JALAN JALAN!! =P

There is a metro station located not far from the right side of the hotel. Nah, told you already the hotel was very strategic! Yeah~ Kampung girl was going out to explore!! =D

They were busy buying tickets...

The metro station. =)

The vending machine for tokens.

Tada! The 'ticket' which was actually a token!! 

We went from ChangShou Road (长寿路) to Gongyuan Qian (公园前) then change to another metro to Guangzhou Railway Station (广州火车站). Our target was Shahe (沙河广场) which is full of wholesaling stores. 

The place was tooooooo big that I walked until half death. I seldom exercise and I got so tired after walking for soooooooo long time!! Not much photos taken because it's prohibited to take photo at certain places.

We had McD as lunch. =)

Saw those tricycles? Not really tricycles coz they were not using man power. Haha! Cost RMB25 for a ride and if you have chance you should try it at least once. Each tricycle can fetch maximum 3 persons and since we have 6 persons, we booked 2 tricycles.

Me with my super messy hair on the bike. Photo was taken using front camera and the quality was so kns. 

It's some kinda exciting stuff as you can see from the picture, they were against the right directions!!! We kept laughing on the bike and the auntie asked :" Why u all keep laughing??" Then my friend told her that such action was against the law in Malaysia then she said :" I got license so never mind, I'm not scared! My friend doesn't have license so he is scared!" 

I was like @#%^&!&#%^& it's not the matter of having license ok, it's the matter of SAFETY!! LoLz..

After taking this picture, I said :" hmm.. this pic is nice."
The auntie replied:" Haiya~ No matter how nice it is I can't take also lar!! "
Hahaha! That auntie was really cute!! 

After the ride, we were at Onelink International Plaza (万菱玩具精品).

Internal view of Onelink International Plaza.

We spent our whole noon at that plaza and there were so many shops that we failed to finish visiting all shops. Well, we did buy A LOT OF things from there. Hahaha! Very tired already lor! 

Then we went back to our hotel using metro and something happened when I was going to exit the metro station. I did insert the token but the door wasn't open. T^T

Then I seek for help from the staffs over there and finally successfully get out of the metro station. T^T

After taking showers, it was dinner time!!

The place we had our dinner.

Again, it was not far from the hotel and it was located at first floor. 

The very pretty view inside the restaurant. 




That was the worst meal I had at China. It doesn't mean that the dishes were not tasty but it's because I DON'T EAT BEEF and such SOTONG!! But bo bien coz I wan't the one who ordered all those food. What did I do then? I only ate the RICE WITHOUT DISHES... I felt so wronged coz I was really hungry at that time but I can only eat the rice. Sigh..

The left one was mine. The name was CIN CAI. Haha! And you know what's it actually? It's an alcoholic drink which tasted like coffee. LoLz! The middle one was normal vodka blue if I'm not mistaken. LoLz..

Well, it's not a fun day but a very tiring day!! I even wear the slippers given by the hotel for dinner coz my toes were so painful! LoLz.. 

The next day: Say hi to Shenzhen! Stay tuned! =)

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  1. Wah, your trip looks fun ah! By the way, wanna ask you, does the McD taste the same in Malaysia de? what a stupid question =X

  2. Got some products malaysia dun hv de lor! KFC oso. more or less the same. no difference. Hahaha! Not utterly fun but TIRED!! Everyday from morning walk until night you go try lor. Everyday sweat like shower. LoLz..

  3. 怎么你的薯条好像“漏风的”XD哈哈哈

  4. 哈哈哈哈!我看到你说的那条了.我忘记了.应该只有那条是漏风的.哈哈哈哈!!

  5. Why go oversea eat MCD neh?? O.o
    No matter how lousy the front camera is, u're still pretty inside ler.haha

  6. Dear, the food there is different from here. We scare 吃不习惯. 而且有几个人已经拉肚子了.所以只要去吃快餐.哈哈哈! 我不喜欢前面camera出来的照片感觉一粒一粒的.哈哈哈!

  7. btw, 干嘛木薯看到那么仔细去? 哈哈!

  8. 他只看食物nia.刚才他还问为什么面那么白,像清汤面.那只猪.哈哈哈哈.=.=

  9. 一粒粒就是resolution 不够好~
    AND hor,我可以问个聪明的问题吗?

  10. 所以不喜欢咯.哈哈哈...

  11. 去到中国还吃mcd??sarawak吃不够啊?


  12. 真的很多款咯.KFC也是,虽然都是一样的McD和KFC但有些是我们这里没有的咯.



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