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Friday, July 15, 2011

Are You Ready To Get Married?

Photo taken from Terence's Blog.

Well, I was looking for nice wedding photos on google image just now but then I suddenly remembered Terence had made a nice one for his sis's wedding so I took it after asking for permission. Do visit him always ya! =)

Ok, let's move back to the title. ARE YOU READY TO GET MARRIED?

Oh, please don't misunderstand. Don't worry it's not a red bomb from me. I've been surfing on the forum these few days and I found a very interesting stuff called AutoWed.

AutoWed vending machine.

Basically, that's how it looks like. Pretty girly in pink. Haha! It's created and released by Concept Shed. Surprisingly, there are four modes available which are normal couples, queens, lesbians and BFF. It sounds kinda crazy isn't it? Erm, I failed to look for a better word for 'gays' and I got the word 'queens' referring to the same thing. Ok, we've learnt a new word! XD


First of all, despite of having to spend thousands or even more for a wedding, you only need ONE POUND. Insert the coin and choose for your desired mode. Then, insert the names of the couples and the machine will ask for confirmation from both couples. Just imagine that you are saying "I DO" in front of a vending machine instead of witnesses. LoLz..

What are inside the eggs? RINGS. Of course, plastic rings. Then, the very cute machine will congratulate you for getting married and now the bridegroom can kiss the bride. Woohoo!

Then, you'll receive your receipt which is look alike a marriage certificate. 

Actual look of the marriage certificate.

Please don't belittle this marriage certificate because it plays a very important role especially when you want a DIVORCE. You can get a 10% discount after all with the presence of the receipt. That's so crazy! Haha!

This vending machine is only available in Marvin's Marvellous Mechanical Museum in US and it doesn't carry any legal weight. It is advisable to follow the laws if you are serious to get married. XD 

Click HERE to have a look on the related video on facebook. =)

Now only I realize how pink is this post. LoLz. So tell me now, ARE YOU READY TO GET MARRIED?


  1. ==|||...
    BFF mode is more good for nw

  2. I wouldn't want a real marriage too lar! BFF is perfect for now. XD

  3. 这么夜了还在线上,还写部落! =.='

    我在哪儿看过这个机器的新闻 :D 很好玩!我以前听说如果是同性恋还不能通过,原来是有不同model的,LOL

  4. 哈哈!我也是刚好在佳礼看到觉得很有趣很好玩就分享咯!!

    你也是一样在线上啊,期待你的更新咯! =D
    话说我在你那边的回复都出不来的?? XD

  5. 呃这么奇怪?

    是不是:1)按了post comment没有输入verification code

  6. 输入了啊 你最新那一篇 我记得我已经comment了
    然后第二次去 没有看到 刚才再看一次
    还是没有 哈哈哈

  7. 哇啦很大件事,可是我试了logout去comment,是有出来的

    你的comment真的是没有 == 没有filter掉,应该说是完全没有收到……

    我要研究看看,如果真的有问题就哦买嘎了,不知道要怎么办 o>n<o

  8. 有了!!我再试一次就有了!!
    呼,留言3次才成功啊!!真是艰辛. XD

  9. nice o...I want put one on my house..haha

  10. Why you want put one at ur house? Wan get married everyday ah? Hahaha..


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