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Monday, July 11, 2011

Part 5: Jalan Jalan At Shenzhen

Love to show my teeth nowadays. XD

Early on that morning, we decided to move to another nearby hotel because the Prince Inn was going to perform its maintenance and there'll be NO ELECTRICITY the whole night. How could we sleep with no electricity at night? o.O

The purpose of me taking this photo was show the certificate at third frame. WHAT IS 特种行业许可证?? Normally we use that words to describe something immoral right?? Or is it only me who think too much? Hahaha! The photo was taken at new hotel, Guang Sheng International Hotel (广晟国际大酒店). The rate is slightly higher with RMB288 per night.

Ivin as the model showing you our new room. XD

After settling everything, it was time for brunch! =)

The place we had our brunch.

清真=Islamic which means that no pork is served. Hahaha!


RMB 13

RMB 10

Erm, the dishes were acceptable but not crazily tasty. Just to fill our hungry stomach. XD

All the restaurants there were different with ours because they only served FOOD with no DRINKS except drinks in can or bottle. Unlike the kopitiam we had here where you can order Teh C Peng, Iced Lemon Tea and bla bla bla. They don't have that. They only allocated a fridge where you can take your desired drinks in cans or bottles only. 

After that, we went to Laojie (老街) again since we hadn't finish shopping last night. XD

Hmm, A LOT OF people. @.@

Spent our tea time at KFC.

Even in KFC, there can be so many people! Or more precisely, EVERY RESTAURANTS WAS FULL. 

I experienced the most crowded metro station that day. See the people in the photo? It's really OH MY GOD!! How can it be so crowded? >___<

Our next station: Huaqiang Road (华强路).

Huaqiang Road is a street full of mall selling electronic stuffs such as those tiny components of machines, computers, laptops, mobile phones and so on. 

Mosaic the guy's face because his expression was funny. Haha! The focus of that photo was the fan. Yes, that's a fan with no blades and it is still effective as it has the blades! XD

Then, we went back for showers and out again for dinner!

The place we had our dinner.

It is located very near to Guang Sheng International Hotel where you had to walk for 5 to 10 minutes to reach. 

RMB 20

The prawns were so fresh! I love it! XD
RMB 26

Very nice. Got my favorite -- Eggs and hams. XD

RMB 36

End this post with the night view of Shenzhen. As usual, even it's late at night, there are still a lot of people on the street. LoLz..

Next post: Windows of The World. Stay tuned! It's going to end soon! XD


  1. 看了那么多part...真的很想去咯。。。想玩吃!!有没有买手信会来给我啊!!哈哈

  2. 吃的话还好,可能吃不习惯.我有些朋友还一直上厕所.玩几乎都是在逛,只有一天是去玩,但是不管是逛还是玩,都让我累死. >___<

  3. Their food looks very tasty and high class!

  4. The food Ok only lor, but some quite nice!!


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