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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Little Pear and Edible Bird's Nest

1. It's true that my mum will only prepare edible bird's nest during Chinese New Year. And I didn't know why she prepared a bowl for me yesterday and honestly I was quite happy once I think of its effects to make my skin more beautiful although I don't really love its taste. =P

2. Then, my elder nephew, Clement shouted from upstairs complaining that he smell something disgusting and then he found out that the smell was from my bird's nest. OMG!! I was truly stunned. Shit him lar. XD

3. Then, I went to the shop and my friend complained for my jungle mouth. OH NO!! I ate many other things after bird's nest but HOW COME STILL SMELLY??

4. APA SALAH SAYA (Hee Tiong Huat, 2011)? LoLz. Yes, I think of Hee Tiong Huat when I was adding the words just now and I laughed alone in my shop. Wuahahaha! APA SALAH SAYA? I only ate bird's nest mah! LoLz!

Ok, that's all about my story with bird's nest. But I wonder why does bird's nest cause jungle mouth? I tried to google and I found out some celebrities even use it to rinse their mouths. THEN WHY?? Maybe the bird's nest is of lower quality but WHO CARES? My mum prepared it for me then I would just eat it. I'm an eating monster!! XD


  1. LOL...APA SALAH SAYA?????????????

  2. Yaya, that's the funny point. APA SALAH SAYA???

  3. Ei, it should be SAYA APA SALAH hor??


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