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Monday, July 11, 2011

Part 4: Say Hi To Shenzhen

Oily lips due to my Metholatum Lip Balm. XD

This post will be the day we went to Shenzhen!! Before that, breakfast time at Guangzhou!!

The place we had our breakfast that day.

With the name "Hua Hui Rice Roll", I had no idea on what are they selling. After looking at the menu then only I know that they are selling porridge!! Porridge = Rice Roll?? No idea. XD

RMB 6.5

RMB 6.5


I din try the food shown in the last picture but my only comment about the porridge is that it is so damn watery! I can't feel the rice at all. Erm, I don't really like it coz I don't like porridge honestly. XD

Is that big blue whale look familiar to you?? NO?? Go and read my previous post again. Haha!
Yes, we went to Onelink International Plaza again because my very forgetful friend left her three big bags of stuffs at one of the shops there. Luckily we had the tauke nio's number and we called her the night before that we will be going to collect the stuffs. LoLz..

After that, we went back to hotel to pack everything and head to Shenzhen!!

Scene inside the railway station.

My ticket! Hehe..

The entrance.

There were so many people you know! And I was carrying a super heavy luggage somemore!! I din buy a lot of stuffs but my friends kept throwing their stuffs at me and I was the very pitiful "popeye" carrying the luggage. >_<

P/S: The guy at the right corner is the guy you mentioned in the comment last post. He appears again! LoLz..

Free water given! =D

Finally, I was on the train!!

And I slept all the way to Shenzhen. Hahaha! Too tired carrying the luggage bah! Even the guy who helped me to take it also said :" Walao! This bag so heavy! Around 20kg oh... " SEE!!! Even a guy also complained that it's heavy, I brought it all the way from hotel to metro station, then to the railway station, then onto the train!! I AM THE POPEYE!!! Hahaha..

The train took around one hour from Guangzhou to Shenzhen.

Prince Inn.

The room costed RMB210 per night. It's still acceptable and it's so near to the railway station and also metro station!

Since I slept on the train, I missed the lunch since my friends didn't wake me up for lunch and they all had their lunch already so I went to Cafe De Coral for lunch! I WAS SO HUNGRY AT THAT TIME!!

RMB 56

RMB 19

RMB 19

Except the spaghetti, the macaroni, the two slices of sandwiches and the coffee, I FINISHED EVERYTHING!!! I was shocked too. Told you already I was VERY HUNGRY at that time lor. Haha!

After that, we went back to hotel and had a short rest and then out again!! We went from Luohu (罗湖) to Laojie (老街).
The mini concert at metro station.

Saw the turtle inside the Sun Plaza and the photo was especially for Miss Na Na again. Haha! The tortoises or turtles remind me of her. XD

See the police?

One thing to share is that there are soooo many polices on the street. Even on one street, you can see at least 2 polices patrolling. As you can see from the picture above, they can even just sit in the middle of the stream of people! Guess the Malaysia polices should learn from them. Ok, no more comments about the polices here. =X

We spent out whole night at Laojie and then another three friends called to meet up at 真功夫. However the place was too big and of course we dunno where's 真功夫. They told us it's right beside KFC. Then we went and ask the people, they told us there are three KFC at that area. OMG!! 

We walked and walked and walked, wandered and wandered and wandered, asked and asked and asked and finally we found the 真功夫 and met them. WE WERE SO TIRED ALREADY!!

The new product released was very attractive to me and I ordered and found out that...

IT WAS SO SMALL!!! KNS de lar.. And it tasted too sweet. Kena tipu... T^T

After that, we went back to the hotel. The place was really too big that I even felt tired after walking from that place to the metro station. Not to say the crowd there. There were too many people that you must be extra careful or you're gonna bump into someone easily. XD

I found that I become lazier to blog. Is there really someone reading my blog nowadays?? 

DROP A COMMENT to let me know please. XD


  1. 说吃的,那个粥真的太稀了。水水的,不好吃~
    之后你在Cafe De Coral的午餐~好贵哦~
    哇!这个post我最喜欢的是,dang dang dang dang,乌龟啦~

  2. 不会贵,你拿来除2一下就是这里的价钱.
    你要我爬上去咩??摔死才知道... =.=

  3. Hahahaha. No need say I'm the one who always follow your blog oh! =P and hor, you really GENG. Can carry a 20kg luggage here and there.. Miss Popeye! Do you eat spinach before that? Haha

  4. Miss popeye, her new nick name..huhu

  5. Hua Sien, I also think I very GENG. Sometimes no escalator I climb the stairs alone oh! And at last stair, my another fren said wan help me, then she carried till very tired ki. Then I very 怨恨 replied :" now u understand how I feel all the way here liao eh??" hahaha..

    Nana, roti? Huasien, next time we make sandwich ask her FINISH ALL.. if not PUNISH HER!!!

  6. I read.... because I am going to Guangzhou this coming October and last year I went Shenzhen. hehe...
    By the way why you need 20kg? Most of my trip I can get around under 7kg (AirAsia $@#@ de limit lo)... Even i go to moderate cold countries (7 Celcius minimum) i also can survive with under 7kg...


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