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Thursday, July 7, 2011

【中国】Part 1: 古晋转机 / 西连 / The Spring / 吉隆坡LCCT

Fooling around at Kuching International Airport. =P

On 28 June 2011, Ivin, Joyful and I took 8.20am flight from Sibu to Kuching and we reached KIA at around 8.45am! That's too early for me. Haha! Then, Ivin's friends came and fetched us to Ivin's house.

This was the breakfast served by Ivin's super cute mummy! You know what's that?? Pek Ting Soup!! Well, if you know me well, you should know that I DON'T LIKE TO EAT THAT!! But no way!! Her mummy was really cute and enthusiastic that I felt embarrassed to reject. I forced myself to finish it. =X

After that breakfast, we followed Ivin to Serian.

Ivin's customer's shop. =)

Along the way to Serian.

Honestly I wanna take more photos but guess what, I slept all the way to Serian and also all the way back to Kuching! Haha! I was too tired bah! =P

Then, we went to The Spring for lunch. =)

My lunch: Chicken chop!! =D

Found these cute dustbins in The Spring. Newly placed? How come I never see them before? LoLz..

Attention: New parking rates!!

Everytime I go in Watson then I'll buy something. Haih. The mosturizer and lotion are actually not necessary because I have them already but I wondered why did I buy them again?? The mentholatum lip balm is a MUST for me coz my lip easily becomes dry!

I wear my shoes without socks so I have to buy them! =D

Then, dinner time!! Thanks to Ivin's mummy again! See the eggs?? They are ESPECIALLY FOR ME!! Hahaha! I am a little bit choosy when it comes to food but egg is always my favourite. =D

Well, it delayed until 9.30pm. T^T

We reached LCC at around 11.30pm and we had KFC as our dinner. We met three other friends at Food Garden and we spent our time there until the next flight at 5.35am!! I can't imagine I had been there for almost 6 hours!! But honestly I slept with my head on the table. Hahaha! Unlike the very bad Nana who messaged me asking me to sleep on the floor. =P

The KFC I had. Not nice at all. =.=

See! I was ready to fly!! =D

The scene at LCC.

I think I have never been there coz the previous time I went to KL I took MAS instead of AIR ASIA. Hahaha! Call me a kampung girl! =P

Saw this banner and I MMS it to Sophie at midnight and she hadn't slept yet! Haha! Well, there might be chance to go to Philippines at the end of the year. SHOULD I GO?? Too much consideration leads to hesitation while too little consideration leads to rashness. The major problem is financial problem lar. Haha!

Every foreigners have to fill that form for immigration clearance. Yes, we were going to land soon!! 


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  1. I miss KIA.. Hahahaha!! Yalor, fast food at LCCT not that nice eh. and got many LALAT oh! that's what i experienced.. =X

  2. wah...我是关心你所以才叫 你打地铺咯~

  3. Huasien, U miss KIA? Why oh? Haha! Ya! Many lalat! Hate that!!
    Nana, 是,你很好心,下次去机场睡地板拍照给我看哦!等你!=D

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