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Thursday, July 28, 2011

New Shoes!

Photo taken 28/07/2011.

Went to Farley just now and bought three pairs of shoes! Honestly I don't really like to buy shoes because I am VERY LAZY. I am lazy to choose, lazy to try and bla bla bla. Hey, trying shoes is a very tiring job for me OK! And I seldom buy shoes unless the one I own is damaged. 

However, the current one I wear for around 7 months already and it's not damaged yet! What a miracle! LoLz. Coz normally my shoes damaged within 2 or 3 months. Then why did I buy new shoes? Erm, I DON'T KNOW. 

This is the first pair of shoes I bought. 

This is how it looks like on my feet. Pretty not? XD

Leaf-shaped sandals. With leopard pattern some more! Cool not? XD

Now you can't see its leaf-shaped anymore. Haha!

HELLO KITTY Paw-shaped shoes. CUTE NOT??

That's my FAVORITE among all!!

But I don't think I'm gonna wear them while going out. Most probably will wear them when going to toilet. Haha! I'm not young little girl anymore ok. Among those three, which pair do you like the most?? I like the HELLO KITTY one the most!! MEOW~ XD


  1. 我看到好多长豆在鞋子上XD

  2. 什么长豆?怎么我都看不懂你写的东西?? =.=

  3. hi =D

    wherever there is a "shoes" word there is always Mary lool.

    i love them <3 , enjoy buying and wearing them =D

    i have about 30 or more !!

    i liked the first one most

    keep smile =D

  4. 都是平底的哦@0@很方便而且很好看!

  5. haha! I bought a pair of shoes on Wed night. Today went out bought a pair of sandal. because my sandal spoilt liao. Both bought at Farley too! ah chui, lai, *high five*!

  6. @Mary: Wow! You are really a shoes lover!! I don't like to shop coz I can't help to spend. XD

    @独泪: 平底的比较好穿,但是高跟鞋穿了比较漂亮是真的.有修饰作用.没办法,我是懒人一个.从你的文章中看得出来你是很宅的宅女咯!

    @Huasien: Haha! Really?? Haha!! *HIGH FIVE*!!

  7. Ya! Hahaha. I'm totally agree with you. "平底的比较好穿,但是高跟鞋穿了比较漂亮是真的.有修饰作用." So most of the time, I'll automatic shop at 平底鞋专区 there instead of 高跟鞋专区. =D

  8. @Huasien: Ah Hua, you remind me of your high heel which made my foot so painful last time! >_<


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