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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Hi all! Finally I have come back from Guangzhou! It's definitely a tiring trip and please stay tuned for my posts regarding my trip ok! Cause I am gonna recall back my memory on what I had done during my trip! Haha! Sorry for the louzy memorizing ability. =P

This post is not about my trip but to share a good website to all of you.

Reached my sweet home this morning at around 9 something and got an envelope with my name written on it. I wondered what's in it and I opened it and found this...

ToxOut: A Comprehensive Healthy Fiber Drink

There is a pack of sample in it. =)

This is the description about the product.

And also an order form. 



HOW? First of all, go to its website at and click REGISTER NOW.

There is a lot of categories for you too choose but so far there is only some categories with available samples. Health Care option is one of them. Click on the word HEALTH CARE and click GET NOW. Most of the products are out of stock and hopefully there are new samples as soon as possible! =D


Very easy right? After that what you have to do is to wait for its delivery! Last time I did my request on 25 June 2011 and I received the product today which is 6 July 2011! Nah! I have tried it for you and since it doesn't cost you a single cent why don't you try it and get free sample? Go and try now! =D

P/S: I'll start writing about my trip next post. STAY TUNED!! ^^


  1. i thought u 1st post after u bck is about u trip!!!
    u write about u, u are too geng to search tis acibala thing liao...

  2. I was sitting in front of ur shop (if not mistaken) yesterday and you are back today lol. Btw, I have a new blog =>

  3. Nana, I am too tired for the post lar! This one is easier mah! If I write about my trip it would be a longer one mah. Haha!

    Ellen!! You are in Sibu har???


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